Gadget – AppleTV 4K 32GB

Mood: 46_Enthralled excited!

I never plan on getting an AppleTV until I received an extra television from my parents. It was nice but for a while, it was sitting there in my room. Then I remembered that Apple also released an AppleTV.

So being a curious person that I am, I was looking for a number of review videos of AppleTV 4th generation because I assume is now slightly cheaper than the 4K version. Also, I do not have a 4K TV.

My father and I visited the Apple Store a few days ago to check whether they have the AppleTV 4th gen in stock. Unfortunately they only sell AppleTV 4K. It’s funny that I always thought that AppleTV 4th gen was released not too long ago. I guess I was not that aware about it.


I took this picture in the car LOL!

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Game – DMK Event 2018: Winnie the Pooh

Mood:   sleepy

March 2018 was a Winnie the Pooh month in Disney Magic Kingdoms game. It was an interesting experience for me to actually fully participate in the event, and manage to finish it before the deadline. I think I have spent about USD30 for iTunes card. That won’t be the last time though. A side event is to unlock wizard outfit for Mickey Mouse to celebrate DMK’s second anniversary.

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Haul – Razer DVA MEKA Headset

Mood:   WOW!

I’m going to say it; I actually do not play “Overwatch” game. I did try the training option once using my brother’s account, but I believe I am better off just watching the gameplay. I do not remember when I became aware about “Overwatch” but I did get interested in it when I watch a match between VIXX and Monsta X months ago. After watching their match, I become familiar with the “Overwatch” characters (not all of them).

Last year, I saw a tweet that Razer will be releasing inspired gaming peripherals. The headset looks amazing! I was contemplating on whether I should get the headset or not. I personally love the design. It took me weeks (and a number of unboxing/review videos/posts) to decide on whether I should get it. I am not sure if we are able to import this. Then last weeks ago, I was checking out the Facebook page of this one computer shop and they posted a picture of a stack of headsets. Then I decided that I need to have it before it’s sold out!

I would like to apologize in advance for my horrible photography skill.

My youngest brother sent me this picture while I was at work.

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Game – Catching up on My Little Pony and Disney Magic Kingdom

Mood:  tired

I have this habit of trying new mobile game, but the interest goes down significantly after about a week or two of playing. Based on the previous what’s on my iPhone8 Plus post, you can see that there are several games I have downloaded.

For the past weeks, I was checking on both “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” (MLP:FiM) and “Disney Magic Kingdom” (DMK) because it’s been a while since I last play the game. At that time, there was a Lunar New Year event on both games and I was seriously grinding on both games to get more coins, gems and magic potions so that I can progress with the story. It was hard work and I did not get to finish the event on both games.

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Movie – Black Panther

Mood:  impressed

“Black Panther” is on my must-watch movies of 2018 list. I got to see it last Friday. I was intrigued with the introduction of T’Challa in “Captain America: Civil War.” When Sam asked T’Challa if he liked cats, I rolled my eyes. As much as I love Steve Rogers, I think Civil War is not the kind of conclusion that I wanted for a Captain America trilogy. However, I was happy to see Steve at the end of the movie. So, I hope that “Avengers: Infinity War” will give Steve Rogers an appropriate ending to his story. But then again, I should keep my expectation low.

I am not a film critic, obviously. I mostly express what I feel after watching the movie. Is it just me or is there only one trailer for this movie?

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Game – Pokemon ORAS Special Demo

Mood:  okay

A few weeks ago, I have downloaded “Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire” (ORAS) special demo from Nintendo 3DS Eshop. I thought that this demo would not be available anymore because the full games had been released for a long time now. I wanted to give the demo a try, it’s to fill the void in my heart. I am a little lazy to complete my Pokedex for “Pokemon Moon” and I always tell myself to only buy new game once a month. I will buy “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire” eventually. This February, I might buy a used copy of “Disney Magical World.”


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