Hello blogging world

Greetings to the internet world (and to anyone who stumble upon this blog). It’s been a while since I last blog about stuffs so this introduction can get awkward…

My internet alias is Xiffhaa (I jumbled up my real name and add the letter X, inspired from Kingdom Hearts II Organization XIII group). Currently I’m taking Diploma in Computer Networking course. It’s good to be back in school (crap, I can’t believe I said that!)

I don’t have a specific hobby. Basically when I’m bored I try to do something productive, for example I assault my Photoshop but my photo editing skill is not good at all, I watch movies when I felt like it and it depends on which DVD I pick from my collection or decided to borrow from my cousins and friends and I would start to brainstorm on fan fictions. Most of the time, I can be found lying in bed and listening to music, lost in my own little world.

My laptop and PS3 are my friends when I felt lonely. The games that I love and don’t mind playing them over and over again are; Catherine and Uncharted series. Final Fantasy series and Persona series are also my favorites – I got addicted to them quite easily. Speaking of games, I have set up a game review blog. I’m not really a gamer but I want to share my opinion about the games I played and love.

I am a big fan of K-Pop! However I’m more of an SM (SM Entertainment) maniac than anything else. K-Dramas are not really my thing unless they have good storyline and/or my favorite actor/actresses stared in the drama, but the K-Drama love the most are “Full House” and “Sad Love Story”. I have a lot of bias – more than 5, less than 10. I eat, breathe, sleep, live K-Pop, really love this fandom so much.

That’s all about me – nothing to interesting, really. Laters~


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