Addicted To – Coco Girl and K-POP IDOL

Mood: Drained

Whenever I logged in my Facebook, most of the time I would “LIKE” some statuses and pictures from pages that I liked. I’d update my status when I feel like it (unlike on Twitter, I’m pretty much an addict there!) After a while, I came to discover several apps/games available there.

The first FB game I played (thanks to my friend who introduced it to me) was Coco Girl.

“Create fabulous looks and shop at the trendiest stores, you will find the hot items you’ve always dreamed of. And have a blast rating your friends’ looks at Fashion Expert.”

It’s pretty much playing dressup on your characters. Unlike playing dressup with your Barbie dolls, you can earn gems (equivalent to money) to purchase outfits, shoes, accessories and plenty more. It’s fun, but I have a hard time choosing clothes for my character. Besides, I dress for comfort. I’m not that interested in fashion.

The second game which I played was K-POP IDOL. As being a K-Pop nerd and due to curiosity, I decided to give this a try.

“K-POP IDOL lets users take over the role of a pop star manager, select and train a young talent as a singer, actor and other celebrity with specific-training course including vocal, speech and acting. Unlike its earlier Korean version, the Facebook rendition provides group performance, in addition to single-character play.”

Before I started with this game, I thought that I would be playinng as the trainee, who would’ve thought that you would be playing the role as idol manager? Currently I have 3 trainees under my company which I named “MN Entertainment”; MARS, Lei and Chris.

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty much addicted to this game. It shows how strict I can be towards my trainee. I had them go through several training sessions and let them developed their own personality. I spent A LOT for their training!

Well, this pretty much sums up about my activity on FB. I’ve been getting request on playing Tetris lately but… I’m not feelin’ it. Besides, I’ve been playing tetris since I was a kid and it’s like a never-ending puzzle. They are addictive but I’m not going back to play it for the time being.

CREDITS TO: Coco Girl Facebook and South Korean NoriTown Studio Launches K-POP IDOL and Little Wizard on Facebook


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