Haul – TVXQ Catch Me and EXO-M MAMA

Mood: Giddy

OMG, I’m so happy right now! The TVXQ “Catch Me” and EXO-M “MAMA” albums which I ordered with my friends from KpopMart earlier this month has arrived just yesterday. We were freakin’ excited and it was just “WOW!!” It has been 2 weeks since we ordered the albums and to finally see it right in front of my eyes, I thought I was in heaven, haha!

Here are the albums which I bought. Please virtually pinch me, I must be dreaming! These albums smell fresh from Korea!

I never thought that TVXQ’s “Catch Me” CD+DVD Special Edition album is actually larger than Super Junior’s “U” single album. It’s also as long as my teddy bear, and no I didn’t measure the length.

The photocard which I got from EXO-M MAMA mini-album is Lay version B. On top of that, I also received 2 free photocards from Kpopmart which are Kris and Tao. Lay is not my bias, Tao is but I’m happy with it. It was a good shot of Lay.

Now on to TVXQ Catch Me album. I was very happy with this and I basically didn’t care that I’ve spent a lot on it. I received 4 official photocards and 2 free from Kpopmart.

I don’t think I can explain more on how happy I am, so darn speechless. Just about a couple of days ago, I just ordered a Baby Alpacasso plushie similar to the one Kris has which he named “Ace”. The seller sent me an e-mail that he’s being shipped. I can’t wait to see him! Pretty much broke right now, hehehe!


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