Drama – Absolute Boyfriend

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Why time travel? Well, back when I was 15, I was a big fan of “Absolute Boyfriend” or “Zettai Kareshi” a Japanese manga created by Yuu Watase. I’ve collected 5 volumes. The sixth volume is unavailable at my local book store for unknown reason but I already read it online! Urgh, I regret reading the final volume!


I have been watching the Taiwanese version called “Absolute Darling” (Jue Dui Darling) for the past 3 days. The urge came when my friend and I were talking about the Taiwanese dramas that we watched and then it got me thinking, is “Absolute Darling” available yet?

It is!

I will leave my review of the drama after I’m done watching it. I have watched until Episode 4 and since I love the manga series so much, I love the drama too! It’s a bonus that Fahrenheit’s Dadong played as Night Tenjo.

Back then, I was a big fan of Fahrenheit (I already like Kpop at the time, was new to Kpop). Dadong is not my bias, WuChun is. Am I a little too bias? Hahaha! Is it strange that I call him Dadong instead of “Jiro”? I’m so used to call him that. Similar to the other Fahrenheit members which I call them as; Yalun (Aaron) and Yiru (Calvin). Aah~ it’s like I’m 15 all over again. I’m gonna continue watching the drama and no one and nothing can stop me! I can’t wait to watch some old dramas like “It Started with a Kiss”, “Smiling Pasta”, and “Sad Sonata”.

Here is the ending theme of “Absolute Darling”. The song is called “Pretend We Never Loved” sung by Dadong. I really love this song, especially I know how the manga ends. Dadong sounds amazing in this song. All my feels~!


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