K-Pop – EXO Comeback

Mood:46_Enthralled WHAT IS AIR!?

I’m glad exams are over. Hopefully I passed all the subjects. Putting that aside, I’m so EXCITED that EXO is finally making a comeback! YAY!!

Their teaser images are so CUTE! I love how they look in school uniforms and the WOLF 88 jersey. I want their WOLF 88 jersey!


The MV teaser and highlight medley videos were released. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! In the highlight medley, I’m very much interested in their song called “Heart Attack”. Of course I think all of their songs in the highlight medley are great. My friend and I are going to pre-order the albums. Yes, albums both Korean and Mandarin versions. Who can resist them, cute and hot 12 young men? I know I can’t! They look so HOT in the MV teaser. Crawling, growling, howling! I’m dead. Suho with ear accessories? MY DREAM COME TRUE!! Damn, he’s so hot. I’d cuddle him like how I would cuddle my cat if he’s a wolf. Crap, that sounds so weird. BUT WHO CARES?!

EXO_늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)_Music Video Teaser - YouTube 0825

That’s all for now. I will return when Wolf MV is released…or before that.


EDIT: The MV was AWOOOO!!! Suho, wolf, Suho, wolf! Spazz!!!


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