Haul – EXO “XOXO” albums

Mood: 46_Enthralled OMG WHAT IS AIR!?

Wow, wordpress looks different now. It’s looks a lot better than the last time I logged in. I like it! Anyway, I’m here to share my excitement that my XOXO albums have arrived! Actually they arrived about a month ago, now I have the opportunity to log in wordpress. It would not be a surprising thing if I disappeared from wordpress for a very~ long~ time.


I ordered the albums along with my friend from GMarket. There are 4 large (seriously LARGE) posters that came with the albums. I gave an extra copy to my brother since he’s also a big fan of EXO (his biases are Kai and Luhan).

I was so FREAKING HAPPY when I received Suho Student’s Identity Card. It was a bummer that I didn’t receive his photocard when I bought EXO-K MAMA album. Despite being 22 years old, I spazzed like I was 15, hahaha! I also received Sehun Student’s Identity Card but I traded it with another Suho one – because I’m crazy like that. I really wanted Tao one though.

There were extra freebies, photos of Tao and Kris – similar to last time. I just don’t understand why I received Kris’ photo – Kris is NOT even my bias!




On the bottom line, I’m a VERY HAPPY fan!


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