Mood: DEAD!!!

31st July 2013, 11:30PM was the night I died and reborn. Okay that sounds quite… weird, but I don’t care! That’s what I felt when EXO’s “GROWL” MV debuted. I so do not regret for staying up late just to watch the MVs.

When SM tweeted that they released the MV at 12AM KST, I couldn’t believe it. However at the same time, I was glad because that would mean that I’d be the sole user of wifi by that time. My friend and I were SUPER EXCITED about the MV. We were on WhatsApp, spazzing and died, and spazzing, and died, LOL! Just imagine how fangirls behaved when they watched their idol’s MV at almost midnight.


I may be being bias but this is an honest opinion; GROWL is the BEST song and MV from EXO by far. The tunes itself was addicting and catchy, the MV was creative and from what I read was a “one-take” shot (which I believe was absolutely incredible), the choreography was over the roof… and did I mention SEXY? Don’t believe me, I’ll show you how sexy and perfect everything is; GROWL Korean Version and GROWL Chinese Version.

I don’t think I can think of any coherent thoughts about this. Everything was just PERFECT. Oh right, since the repackage album release date is just right around the corner, my friend and I decided to pre-order it from GMarket. SM teased with a preview picture of the repackage album, I like it A LOT! Can’t wait to have them in my arms.

Oh yes, I bought EXO Everysing iPhone 5 case from KpopTown I freaking LOVE IT! Now I’m becoming more paranoid if I ever drop it.



2 thoughts on “K-Pop – EXO “GROWL”

  1. Totally have to agree with you about this being the best EXO song EVER! They should’ve used this instead of Wolf as their title song, what do you think?

    Also, cute case!

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