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Before, I thought of gonna make VIXX spazz post but I guess I’m just gonna do it here instead. I. LOVE. VIXX! How did it all began? Well, it was when EXO was promoting “Wolf” and then I saw a tweet on my twitter TL that EXO are wolves and VIXX are vampires. So that got me interested in them so I checked out VIXX’s MV “hyde”. I love everything about it – the song, the dance, the MV itself. However at that time I did not make an effort to know who they are, the members because I thought that the feeling was only on a short term. Well, I know Ravi only from the video. Really, how can you miss “Ravi”?


Then some weeks later, I came accross a KCon interview video with EXO-M and Mnet USA also interviewed VIXX in the same video. VIXX members are really good-looking, especially Leo. That guy immediately became my unofficial VIXX bias because his silent personality attracts me, he’s so cool, like really cool. Still at that time, I’m not a VIXX stan yet. So by then I only have Leo and Ravi memorized.

Somewhere around August I think, the very same time EXO was promoting “Growl”, VIXX was also making a comeback with “G.R.8.U”. I think it was either Mnet or Arirang tweeted about the unique element in “Growl” and “G.R.8.U” MV so being the curious cat I am, I decided to check it out. And I also love “G.R.8.U” and I got addicted to the song for a while along with “hyde”.

Some time after that, my classmates asked me about VIXX. We started talking about them, mostly their musics and MV. Then a few days after that, a classmate downloaded VIXX MTV Diary. She said she really like VIXX’s variety skills. That got me interested so I also decided to watch it as well. Since then, we were hooked with VIXX. We watched VIXX the entire afternoon, laughing our butts off and the aftermath, I had a headache for laughing too much. After that, I memorized each VIXX members. And Leo is still my bias but obvoiusly I love all of them.

Now, I’m a VIXX stan, a Starlight! I think that VIXX is also another multi-talented rookie group that everyone should look forward to. They’re funny, easy to relate to (really, when you watch VIXX Plan V Diary, it’s like you guys are in the same room with them, having fun and being all crazy) and also, there’s just never a dull moment with VIXX. I went major fangirl mode whenever I see EXO and VIXX together. They’re like the best of friends. OT18! VIXXO! Isn’t it funny and wonderful that EXO and VIXX have similar comeback period? I hope this will be a consistent thing because it’s like a beautiful friendly competition. EXO and VIXX should collaborate, don’t you think? Maybe in variety shows like how VIXX are with BTOB.

Wow, that’s 5 paragraphs of VIXX. Oh right, VIXX will be making a comeback with “Voodoo”! The MV is AMAZING LIKE WHAT!! All the best to VIXX! VIXX’s dark side is always compelling and sexy. Earlier today, the clean version of the MV was released. Oh yeah, I just preordered VIXX “Voodoo” album. Now I have to wait and wait, boo.

Okay now that makes it 6 paragraphs of VIXX, hahaha. Anyway, I recently watched “Running Man” Ep 171 which obviously has EXO in it. I’m not gonna lie that I was being very impatient that I want to forward to EXO but being selfish is a no no, so I waited. I guess it was worth the wait! I love that EXO had a lot of fun in the show. Suho ripped Kim Jongkook’s nametag is like the highlight of the show. Suho. Ripped. Kim Jongkook’s. Nametag! I’m so proud!! Also Suho and Tao are together just made me SSSOOOO HAPPY!!!! Biases in pair, dies….

I was in denial when I heard rumors about EXO making an appearance in “Running Man”. I was in 100% denial because I don’t easily sway with rumors anymore after all those EXO comeback rumors in the past. Another thing I and also every EXO stans out there, looking forward to EXO’s first variety show, “EXO’S SHOWTIME.” What an amazing gift and also finally a variety show for the boys. This will be fun!

Okay, this is more like a spazzing post than telling what I’m up to. My life is boring. Oh yes! I traded my extra Suho XOXO photocard for a Tao XOXO photocard and it arrived just a few days ago. I’m so happy. However, the person I traded with from Singapore haven’t receive the Suho one. Hopefully it’ll reach to her soon. I’ve traded my Chanyeol Growl photocard for a Suho one. The girl from Malaysia already received the photocard but I haven’t. Please come soon dear photocards. It’s been a while. Right, I bought Suho and Tao MAMA ver B photocard from a youtube user “jinntastic”. Thank you so much to everyone, I truly appreciate all the efforts you’ve made.

That’s all from me. Gosh, what a post. See y’all around next time!


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