Movie – Disney’s Frozen

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It’s December. Currently, I’m so mad that my coding for college project refuse to work. Yes practice makes perfect, but I’m just not happy. Oh well…

Shifting away from my depressing intro, let’s be happy and careless. On Moday evening, I got the chance to see Disney’s “Frozen” in 3D. To be honest, this was not part of my plan on how I’m gonna spend my December. My little brother suggested to our aunt that we should watch Frozen. He said that it’s great, just by watching the trailers/sneak peeks from Disney Channel. So I thought, yeah why not I see this movie too because I also seen the trailers myself and I can’t figure out the storyline. After watching the movie and checked on disney wikia, I discovered that “Frozen” is adaptation from old fairytale “The Snow Queen”.


Disney Wikia – Frozen

After sitting for two hours straight in the cinema, indulging popcorn and lemon tea, laughing my butt off whenever there are funny scenes that took place (I believe there’s plenty), I really love “Frozen”! I love the storyline, characters (especially Olaf the snowman), the graphics, songs, well just everything! And I love ice…winter..frost… whatever, so Elsa’s power to me is awesome. I would love to have ice power (like EXO’s Xiumin, LOL!). Normally in the movies, trolls are fugly, annoying and just plain…terrible. However, the trolls from “Frozen”, they’re none of those and I personally think the little baby/toddler/kid trolls are so cute!

I cracked up when Kristoff was bothered by Anna’s story about marrying to Hans after meeting him in just a day. He was making a big deal out of it, just pretty much like everyone else in the real world. It was just so funny on how he was just pressing the matter on Anna, and said that he has friends who are love expert.

When Olaf finally entered the picture, talking and moving, I love that snowman to bits! He’s not annoying at all! Olaf is hilarious and cute! A snowman who dreams of summer, he’s so funny. Olaf is gonna be famous, or he already is. Kids, grown ups simply love him!

This is not a proper review, I know. I just wanna share what I felt when I watched the movie. Those of you who have yet to watch “Frozen”, what are you waiting for? Grab a ticket and see this movie. You’ll love it! The movie looks super awesome in 3D.

That’s all for now. See y’all around next time!


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