Haul – “Jekyll”, “Voodoo” and “Miracles in December” albums

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Updating this post on my iPhone. I’ve bought a few albums since…October but I forgot to make a haul post. I can’t believe it! Well, I’ve bought 4 albums recently which are VIXX’s “Jekyll” and “Voodoo” and EXO’s “Miracles in December.” I bought it from Yeszone Enterprise, just like my “GROWL” albums previously. Whenever I bought anything of EXO, I would get very impatient. However, it’s a different story for VIXX, I was like, all chill about it. They have different effect on me, I dunno. But, I’m still a good fangirl (brag, hahaha).


“Jekyll” album arrived on the first week of October. I had to wait for about a month because the album was out of stock previously. From that waiting period, I was wondering what kind of collectable thing that I will receive from this album. Instead of photocard, it’s a CD insert/picture instead. Guess which picture that I got. Here’s a hint, he’s my second VIXX bias hahahah.



Next is the “VOODOO” album. I got it about 2 weeks ago. I was surprised that random member CD cover comes with this album. Which means that it is almost impossible to trade with anyone. I don’t think that I favor the idea of trading the CD overseas. All the tracks are great and there are also main tracks from previous singles/mini-album. This is a grade A album. Sadly I didn’t get my biases cover but I was happy (I love all of them) that I got baby Hyuk!



Finally the albums that arrived just this Monday are “Miracles in December” albums. Obviously I bought the Korean and Chinese versions. “We Are One!” I got 2 posters for this, identical to the album covers, obviously. All of the tracks are great but I have “The Star” and “First Snow” on repeat. I love them! The snow globes/photocards that I got are…



So I heard rumors that EXO will be making a comeback on February 2014. Of all months, why February?? Well, still a rumor anyway. My favorite soloist KangTa is FINALLY making a comeback! Yay!!! He is my priority! I will get his album! So happy and excited for KangTa’s comeback!!! Hopefully that means more KangTa merchs available, like polaroids, clear file, photocards. Oh I really want KangTa photocards! It’ll be perfect in my collection.

That’s all for tonight. See you again next time!


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