Happy New Year 2014

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All the best to all of us!

Introducing the highlight of my 2013. Beware most of them are fangirl stuff, you won’t even believe it. These may not be listed in chronological order.

Somewhere in January, I had my first re-sit exam, Maths exam. I know I didn’t do well but thankfully I passed the re-sit. I’ve added 2 alpacasso plushes to my growing collection of plush dolls despite my rather tight budget. Don’t judge me.

First week of May, I brought myself a birthday present which is an iPhone 5. Out of all the handphones that I own, I love this one the most. When my iPhone fell (thankfully I have a case on, but it was an EXO case), I thought my heart would stop. It was so scary!

On third week of May (if I guess right), SM tweeted that EXO will be making a comeback with their first full album XOXO. Just a few nights before, I was talking with my friend that maybe EXO will surprise us with a comeback. It was a surprise alright, a surprise just sometime before the final exam. The best reward after final exam indeed.

A week or two later, I was introduced to VIXX. Someone on twitter mentioned that EXO is wolf, VIXX is vampire. As a vampire fan, of course I got interested. So I googled hyde MV and I fell in love with the song, the guy with long hair (Leo) and the concept.

Later in June, my friend and I received our copies of XOXO albums. I got Suho photocard! I was extremely very happy. Finally, my bias photocard! EXO first win on Music Bank! CONGRATULATIONS!

EXO released repackage album GROWL in first week of August. I spent money not only on this album but also on other merchs like polaroid sets, iPhone case. I’m gonna say this again that GROWL is the best song from EXO so far. 으르렁!

In September, my dormant VIXX fangirling heart was shaken again with spontaneous mentions of VIXX in class and VIXX’s comeback song G.R.8.U. After watching MTV Diary VIXX, I was officially a STARLIGHT. VIXX’s variety charms just own my heart in an instant…and I finally memorized all the members name. Then came MTV VIXX Plan V and VIXX FILE, yes I love you VIXX.

After so much consideration, I ordered VIXX Jekyll album which arrived in October. I was delighted to get Hongbin (2nd bias) CD insert/picture. Sexy Kong! Chuseok was around this month if I’m not mistaken. 4 of EXO performed as The Beatles and 5 of VIXX performed as Wonder Girls. VIXX Girls looked amazing. Lady Hongbin (I’m calling him/her that), you’re so cute!

VIXX made a comeback with their first full album VOODOO in November. I preordered the album in a heartbeat, no second thoughts. Then another surprise came, EXO made a comeback for their special winter album Miracles in December. Preordered the albums too. VOODOO MV (R-rated) was creepy and pretty at the same time. 대박! Come to think of it, VIXX made a lot of surprise comebacks in 2013. EXO made a guest appearance on Running Man! They’re so cute and silly and plain boys! As much as I want them to win, I can’t deny that they suck at hiding. EXO’S SHOWTIME made it debut at the end of the month. I love the show! Let’s increase the ratings because I REALKY want to see EXO crossdress. Suho you started it so you must do this! I won’t rest until I see EXO crossdress! Hmm… I think I’m gonna make review/reaction post on EXO’S SHOWTIME later on. I’ve been meaning to do it. Also not to forget VIXX first win on Music Bank at the end of the month!

VOODOO and Miracles in December albums arrived in December. Pretty much spent a lot in December. I don’t even want to think about it but it was worth it. I also spent my December watching The Heirs. Generally, I don’t watch Kdrama that much but The Heirs got me interested. Did I become a fanatic? No. Did I have the desire to buy almost identical handphone case like Cha Eunsang? You bet and I did!

That’s all from me for now. See you again next time and once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!


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