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As I have mentioned before, I will be making a review/reaction blog post about EXO’S SHOWTIME episodes. This is a little late I know but it is always fun to look back the past episodes and noticing the littlest things that we missed or re watch our favorite moments again and again. I try to make this less spoilers as possible because I don’t want to ruin the surprise to anyone who has yet to watch this.

So let’s begin! EXO’S SHOWTIME!


Suho power! He was expecting for Chen to praise him back after Suho praised that Chen is handsome (copying from a certain move from a duo). Suho just got 10 times more sexy hehehe! Once again, Suho power!


Baby bias thinks his Suho hyung is the most handsome. I agree with Tao on this one.


Fried chicken time! I was watching this episode at midnight so I blame them for my midnight craving for fried chicken. I love fried chicken! I never eat a whole chicken before. Anyone would like to send me a box of whole fried chicken?


Never trust a person who says “Chicken is not my style” because…


He will end up eating them.




These two are just that kind of friends, along with D.O who would argue and love each other a lot. I still don’t believe Baekhyun about his (his father has he claimed) remark about eating chicken neck. I think no one believes him anyway.


Table 3 accepts, hehe!


Actually I’d throw the water at this guy instead.

That’s it from me. I’ll make my next post soon. I love watching EXO’S SHOWTIME over and over again. See you again next time!


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