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Ugh…. That means that I wanna say something but I don’t think it’s relevant.


I find this as a very sweet and personalized episode (as of now) because they are actually celebrating Chanyeol’s birthday. Poor Chanyeol had to be pushed aside despite that he’s the main in this episode. Well, you can’t blame him that he was at the same vicinity as the rest of them.


i’m mean πŸ˜›


Cheapskate maknae line. Well it is to be expected from a maknae.


Haha, I remember about a couple of months ago when I entered a store, MAMA chinese version was played. Of course they didn’t play it because I was there πŸ˜›


If he’s my brother (or son), I’ll spoil him with a lot of dolls!


I’d encourage Luhan too like Xiumin did.


Kris: Koala is my style
I won’t be surprised if back in the dorm, Kris would wear that hat – if the hat fits his head anyway.


Oh Luhan. I like that Lay played along with him. I would do that to and encourage Lay to get that hat for himself. He’d refuse to buy it though…maybe.


Pointy wolf ears fits Luhan so well!


Look at Luhan.

I know that this has the least captions because I think that this episode is super special that I can’t show a whole lot. That is all from me for now. See ya’ll next time!


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