The Kim Soohyun fever

Mood: slightly 멍~

28th Jan 2014 was the most nerve wrecking moment so far. I cried like a baby but I’m glad my friends comfort me. Thank you so much everyone. It was really scary, no words can justify the feeling I had experience yesterday. I’m glad it’s all over now. Congratulations and good job everyone!

Weird blog title, I know. Well recently my friend and I have been obsessing about this super charming, super cute Korean actor Kim Soohyun. We’re currently watching his new drama “My Love From The Star.” I wanted to watch it out of curiosity after I saw the preview after I watched “The Heirs” (it still amazes me how I can actually finish that drama, really). Soohyun looked so hot in the preview. His gaze was just…wow. I also just recently discovered that he was in the drama “Dream High.” Of course I didn’t know, I’m not a big Kdrama fan!

I already watched the first two episodes of “My Love From The Star” and… I love it! Since it’s still on-going, I’m currently watching “Dream High” instead. He played as Song Samdong, a naive countryboy. He’s so cute especially with that satoori. I went crazy when he sang and danced to SNSD’s Genie. I wanna watch “Dream High” until the end like right now, but my exams are coming up πŸ˜›

Right, I’ve also re watched two “Running Man” episodes which features Kim Soohyun. I don’t mind watching them over and over. That’s where I first saw Kim Soohyun and I think he’s so cute and goofy and just wonderful altogether. Too obsessed? πŸ˜›

Lyn — My Destiny

This song is so amazing, I got emotional. I have this on repeat like no tomorrow. Y’all should listen to it.


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