Manhwa – Do Not Fight

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I have no idea why I suddenly had the urge to read manga/manhwa. Maybe it’s because I miss the art. Back then, my taste in manga/manhwa is that typical high school love story. Now I’m looking for an adult setting kind of story like; secret marriage/secret relationship between co-workers or boss/staff, two people who hate each other in the beginning and then love each other deeply as the story progress, wild/tomboy girl who eventually fell in love with a flower boy and a romantic comedy storyline. Leave a comment if y’all know anymore manga/manhwa which has these concept.

Author: Yeon Young-hee
Status: Completed
“About a husband and wife who are spouses on paper only (live in the same house, but separate rooms; same company [he is the president, she is a worker], but act as strangers) falling in love with each other.” [MangaFox]

I guess this the very first Korean manhwa that I’ve read and a completed one too. I came across with this while I was googling for secret marriage manga/manhwa tag – looking for an inspiration for my fanfic hehe. The summary won me over so I immediately read this manhwa on my iPad.

As what was written as the summary of the manhwa, a secret marriage was involved between Nora and Ralph. They initially did not like each other but slowly, love made its way to their heart (woo, cheesy). They argued, they were smitten with each other. Nora and Ralph are mature adult characters and they hid their marriage well, not really in a clumsy way.

The arts are rather old-fashioned but I like it so much. There is that nostalgic feel to it. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea though. The manhwa is also westernized in a way.

Overall, I really like this manhwa. I even read it over and over again because to me, it’s just that good. Feeling curious? Give “Do not fight” a chance. Who knows, maybe you’ll love it.

This is my favorite cover. It became my Twitter icon for about 2 months.


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