Mood: Causing mayhem! (Kidding)

It’s finally college break! No more assignments, woohoo! Also March is the final month at college because by April, we’re going for our industrial attachment. I’m both excited and worried about it. I’m gonna miss the college days. Are they reading this? Hahaha!


The direct sequel (hehe) to the previous episode. This is one of my favorite episodes because the boys are obviously elsewhere and no fans are following them.

Baekhyun said that he wants to cook rice.

But in the end, Chen is the one doing it. Judging you Baekhyun. Good thing he’s not my brother. I can imagine how chaotic things would be if he’s my brother. Didn’t I mention that Baekhyun and I share the same birth date? LOL!

I always say that angry Suho is a sexy Suho. He was angry when Baekhyun called and said that they were asleep instead of cooking rice. Suho should grab the phone and get angry at them (woo~ that’s sexy) but he’s so in control.

BaekSoo Tacky Talk Show, or whatever the name was.

Sehun: This hyung is ugly
Nuff’ said πŸ˜›

So you know πŸ˜›

Oh yeah, and I’m Lois Lane. πŸ˜›

BBQ! Hmm, can D.O join Masterchef Korea next? Hahaha!

Baby bias chose is partner to wash dishes with. Suho didn’t want to do it so he pick Kris instead. Tao sounded so baby-ish when he said “Suho hyung.” SuTao moment, by the way. Maybe after this reaction/review post on EXO’S SHOWTIME episodes, I will make a blogpost dedicated to SuTao on EXO’S SHOWTIME.

It’s Yaja time! My friends and I played yaja time previously for 3 minutes. The maknae line turned unnie line were so happy and attentive about it. They were so into the role, it was funny to witness. Also they had a lot to say, LOL!

Baby bias, how could you do that to your Suho hyung? Well, it is yaja time but, really?

My favorite part after yaja time, Chanyeol hid his face using the aluminum foil. I laughed so hard and Suho playfully punch him. Then he was like “sit” and Chanyeol was like “yes.” It was so funny!

Baekhyun escaped the wrath from the hyungs. Maybe off camera the hyungs pulled him from under the table and, well things happen, hahaha!

That’s all for now! See ya’ll next time!

Here’s a little bit of VIXX


Leo and Binnie made me weak! Jellyfish Entertainment, please let there be Hello Baby VIXX! I love guys who love children, so my style. πŸ˜‰


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