Dear CNE…

Just a little something for my CNE 2012/2014 classmates. This will forever be on the web but if you guys request for me to delete this post, then tell me. To be honest, I never dedicate a blog post for any of my classmates, this shows just how special you all are.


First, I would like to thank all the instructors for their guidance and advices (same old advices) and the super fun time during lesson. I’m sorry for being a bad student, really I think I’m bad. In every movie, there’s an antagonist hahaha! Am I an antagonist? I’m not making sense here. Will I be in trouble if they read this? Wish all the instructors good luck and all the best and once again thank you for everything.

To my classmates, I would like to apologize for everything that I’ve said and done. You guys are amazing, you’ve made my academic years so much fun and meaningful. If I’m a teacher, I would award our class as “Nicest Class of the Year” or “Nicest Class Ever!” I’m not bragging, it’s the truth. Lending a helping hand when in need, that’s amazing! Thank so much for choosing me as an Assistant Student Representative aka ASR and I’m sorry for not being a good one. Always remember like what Sir B πŸ˜› said, we are God’s gift (I’m not sure if I phrase it right) I love you all. Oh right, and thank you for choosing my rather childish design for our sports shirt, hehe.

Boys, just be boys, the nicest boys I know and will always remember. You guys are like my youngest brother, times 11. Thank for all the fun and silly times we shared. I’m sorry for being so mean, insensitive up to a point that just scare you guys. Thank you so much boys.

Girls, the princesses, you rock! You girls are like the sisters I never have. Thank you so much for your kind words and comfort when I cried (remember that embarrassing time during the final project presentation?) and thank you for everything, literally everything. I’m really, really, really sorry for rejecting your offer for taking pictures every time. I know why you girls do that, really I do. I just don’t like to be reminded of how out of place I look in the picture with you girls, you girls are picture perfect! Now that offer has expired, LOL! We took a bunch of pictures. I apologize for all the mean things I’ve said and done and sorry for scaring you girls. I love you girls.

Now for the special messages dedicated to the six girls I love. I give silly names, sorry about that. I value your privacy. Please don’t cry, seriously! It’s my turn to cry πŸ˜› You girls know that I’m not an affectionate person.

Ms who always say “T.O.P is my ex” :- After so many years, we finally meet again. Gosh, how long was that?! I’m glad we got to meet again, and be the only evergreen duo in class. We only laugh on the jokes only we understand, playfully argued over something so silly which I admit I started and share foods whenever, wherever, LOL! Now that we’ve come this far, I hope we won’t depart again. I’m sorry for being very mean and crazy. Thank you for being so supportive of me and being so kind. I love you.

Lady Purple :- Remember how we first started become friends? I think we talked about foods for one in a half hours during English class. We officially bonded because of foods, LOL! Then we bonded over more things like our recent obsession over Kim Soohyun. I’m sorry for always sticking around, uninvited. Thank you for your kindness. I love you.

Little Kitty :- I believe we also bonded over foods. Gosh, we’re such big eaters. I’m sorry for teasing you, it’s because I have no one to tease hehe. Also I’m sorry for all the terrible things I’ve said and done and for sticking around, uninvited. Thank you for being so sweet like Hello Kitty, hehe. I love you.

Queen Zee :- We bonded over Taiwanese dramas, and foods and chocolates. I’m sorry for my rather scary image that I’m sure scared you away, but I’m glad you didn’t, harharhar! Thank you for always giving foods and chocolates and the Korean and Taiwanese dramas, LOL! Thank you for being so nice. I love you.

My dongsaeng :- Bonded over Kpop and EXO. Thank you for willing to buy EXO albums with me and read my terrible fanfictions. I suppose to have one done for you but, I guess it’s on hold for now. I’m so happy when you’re willing to call me “unnie.” I’m sorry for all the sinister acts I’ve done and the mean remarks that scared you away. SuJu, EXO, VIXX, forever, you and me. We are one! I love you.

Panda girl :- The youngest and playful one and also bonded over Kpop. Thank you for being, well you, kind, playful, silly and cute haha! I’m sorry for any bad things I’ve said and done. Also, Happy Belated Birthday. Your fanfiction is also on hold for now. Breath-taking fantastic. I love you.

Dear CNE, thank you for the fun, good and sweet memories. I love you all.

Okay it’s my turn to cry.


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