K-pop fan of 8 years and counting

Mood: Happy

Generally people would brag about how long their relationship status lasts and still going strong. No offense on that, I’m just stating what I know. In my case, obviously I’m boasting about how long I’ve been a K-pop fan. Call me terrible, stupid, delulu or whatever. Spazzing over K-pop, stanning several groups and biases, learning the language, to be very honest, I’m very happy to be in the K-pop fandom. This fandom is not just a medium for me to escape the pressure (being in this fandom has its own share of pressure but let’s not get to that), and gives me the confidence which I never thought I have and well, change for the better. I don’t want to say much because this will be turn into a sappy entry so I’m just gonna end it with, I AM SO HAPPY TO BE A K-POP FAN.

I would like thank a friend of mine for introducing me to K-pop. It’s kinda like blind date, in a sense that your friend introduces you to someone, you start a conversation with that someone, once the party finishes that’s the end of it, then you and that someone meet again in the most unexpected situation, become friends, get to know each other and slowly fall in love.

KangTa, BoA, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, VIXX, 사랑해요
K-Pop, 사랑해요

Just a fraction of my precious collection, too lazy to take out the other albums. My K-pop shelve is dusty hahaha!


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