Reaction – Final Fantasy XV at TGS 2014 event

Mood: Fangirling!

FFXV demo trailer | FFXV demo gameplay

I know I’m quite late of blogging this now, the after effect from all these is still there. Just like everyone else, I was excited and all “finally!” Prompto’s new hair design was noticeable. I was surprised but that’s not my main concern. He still looks good and boyband-ish, all of them are. Noctis and the gang must have started working out since the last trailer we’ve seen them 😛 I was concern with the lack of information about Stella. The new girl in the trailer is named Luna.

I visited a forum where everyone make their own theories about Stella and Luna. I always believe that Stella is Noctis’ love interest and that I was sure that Square Enix will release new details about Stella. Instead, we got Luna. It’s nice that more female characters are revealed in this game but I still want to know more about Stella especially since in the old extended trailer, she was seen about to battle Noctis. I have a feeling that maybe Luna is a spy for Noctis and the gang, I mean that she may has a lot of information about the other countries but…why does Luna look so…I dunno. Whatever, I’m still very much interested in Stella’s character and backstory. Stella Nox Fleuret is my priority in FFXV fandom for now.

Previously I made game review blog but I deleted it because I don’t have the time to play games and I don’t buy new JRPG anymore. I plan on republish my game reviews. Whatcha think?


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