Wishlist No.1 – Nintendo 3DSXL

Mood: Nothing much, hbu?

After the fresh (maybe not so fresh) details on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which will be released next year and Final Fantasy XV, which the demo will be released next year as well and now that I’m currently officially finished college, I have a lot of free time and been playing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, after my brother finishes the game I’m too lazy to start fresh and just carry over his save/level harharhar and playing Persona 4. There’s still no new info on Stella 😦 Why won’t they tell us? Guess we’ll have to wait for Jump Festa 2014 event.

There are quite a number of games I want to play but the only perfectly working console we have is our PS3. Recently, I’ve been thinking of getting a Nintendo 3DSXL. Actually I have been thinking on getting a 3DS since my first year of college but I got an iPad2 instead on December 2012 πŸ˜› So the plan of getting it is on hold ever since and I thought I don’t need it since I can play an iOS version of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The iOS version is nice but then again, I want the full game to get a better experience. I have no idea how much I’ve spent on the iOS version, probably around USD10.

I have decided that once I’m employed (currently unemployed but I’m looking), I intend on getting a 3DSXL (Then we can get a PS4 after FF Type-0 HD comes out because buy PS4 plus one free game γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹). Oh yeah!! Obviously there are so many designs to choose from and initially I want the pink/white 3DSXL because the colour looks so pretty. Then I came across with the special editions (is that correct?) like Animal Crossing 3DSXL and Disney Magical World 3DSXL. This where the problem starts.

With a regular 3DSXL, I have the option of buying 1/2/3 games with it, prices varies of course. It’s a good deal! I’m not quite sure if I want to spend a little over $500 (if I remember correctly) for 3 games plus 3DSXL. I’m okay with getting 2 games for now. I’ve always wanted a pink 3DSXL hehe. The two games I want to play right now are; Persona Q Shadow of Labyrinth, and Disney Magical World.

I love the design of Animal Crossing 3DSXL. It looks so cute and I’m a sucker for cute/attractive design. The game is preinstalled in the console which is absolutely cool in my opinion. However, if I decided to get this, I’ll only have one game to play with. Normally when I got stuck on one game, I usually play another game to get my mind off the previous one for a little while. The design wins in this one. I can get another game but I’m afraid if it will cost more since the edition itself is quite expensive.

Disney Magical World 3DSXL design is also attractive. It kind of looks like sticker/decals but it’s still nice to look at. Sadly the game is not preinstalled 😦 I expected the game would be preinstalled but when I check the details, it seems that I need to buy the game separately and here, nintendo games cost a lot. Quite expensive than standard K-Pop albums πŸ˜› just making a comparison, okay? I’ve watched the walkthrough videos for Disney Magical World on youtube and I fell in love with the game.

That’s basically my dilemma. I’ll make up my mind once I make a thorough price comparison. Maybe the prices will drop at the end of the year, well they will…probably. I have plenty of time to decide hehe. To the readers out there, what do you suggest out of all the three 3DSXL options? I would like to hear from you. Then maybe you can share about your impression/experience with the game and recommend cool Nintendo games to play.

Or maybe I should just wait for New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DSXL. I’m afraid if the NA release of New Nintendo 3DS/3DSXL won’t have a charger since the Japan and Australian lines do not include one…boo…


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