Mood: Sad (because it’s the last episode)

Here it is, the long overdue post which I should’ve post ages ago. The last episode… 😦

The last story…

Well, I didn’t cry the first time because, well there was no reason to cry because it was such a lively episode, nothing sad came up

He will never forget that LOL

Fried chickens are forever yummy!

Actually, I didn’t even notice “kkepsong” until this episode. Ever since then, I used “kkepsong” more often than I thought

Mr Confident is confident


Yes it did sound like that!

Silence… Listen to Da Ge


You always say that! Now I want steak

Look at how dedicated baby bias is when he’s making that

HA! LOL, that crack me up!

That face! I can’t resist!

That’s it, that’s the end of my EXO’S SHOWTIME entry. I really wanted Season 2 to happen but sadly, yea… Hopefully someday I’ll make another entry on Showtime, VIXX’S SHOWTIME. Hope it will happen someday. I always imagined after EXO, it’d be VIXX because I WANT MY VIXXO TO HAPPEN!

In a few hours, it’ll be 2015. Wishing everyone all the best in 2015. And also, thank you so much to the people who have visited my blog. Truly appreciate it. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.


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