What’s in my bag? 2014

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I read some blogs and I’ve seen they make a “What’s in my bag?” post and so I thought, why not I make one as well? Just to share with other people. No harm can come to that.

Most of the times I carry 2 bags (a cross bag and small backpack) when I’m going out of town. That’s because when there’s wifi around or when I listen to musics or watch videos, I carry my iPad2 which would mean I need a backpack. However a few marts do not allow shoppers to carry backpack (boo~ I understand their concerns but no one would even attempt to steal because CCTVs are around) so that’s when I switched to my handbag. So for this post, I’ll only show you what’s in my (cross) bag.


I bought my bag online “Owl Cross Bag” from kpopmart which costs around BND22-24 last May. I fell in love with it the moment the picture was displayed on kpopmart while I was browsing for prices for VIXX’s photobook (and I have yet to buy that).

1. iPhone5

2. Earpod – I carry my iPad2 with me and I listen to music/watch videos with it on and…ignore any lecturing I get on the way LOL

3. Wallet – I like long wallet however, after I have this bag and now considering on getting a 3DSXL, I plan on buying a new and small wallet (must have many card slots) so that there’s more space in the bag for my 3DSXL. Dunno when I’ll ever get one

4. Hello Kitty sanitary napkins – I bought this from Guardian BND2.70 for two. Some restaurants/food courts do not provide napkins so it’s essential that I have one around. Sometimes I eat in the car on the way home so I need something to keep me (and the car) clean

5. Pen – Just in case I have the urge to doodle something on unused papers in the car or make a survey (which does not happen often)

Basically I don’t carry much. In teenage years, I hate having to carry handbag around because I only rely on cargo pants (I LOVE CARGO PANTS!) How about you? What’s in your bag? LOL! That makes me sound like a nosy person, right?


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