Rant – Nintendo Direct 14/01

Mood: 😀 Just like everyone else, I was excited on last week’s Nintendo Direct on 14/01. My twitter TL was bombarded about the possibility of Nintendo USA announcing New Nintendo 3DS/XL. The event took place at night in my timezone. I waited. And waited, and waited. Then towards the end…

IMG_1633-0 Why? I was really hoping that there will be New Nintendo 3DS (gonna call it as New 3DS now). I even already decide on which faceplate I’m want to buy. But no, the USA line decide to get the New 3DSXL instead. Why am I ranting when I don’t even live in the US? That’s because the game store here imports US lines of Nintendo consoles. I’m not sure if the game store decides to get the PAL lines (because the game store also sells PAL/PEGI games) but for now… *rant* *rant* *rant* 😀 There’s no charger included 😀 Hopefully USA Nintendo will change their mind and include the New 3DS as well. I will wait. If the New 3DS really won’t make its way to the US, then I’d either get the old 3DSXL (the pink/white version is still available at the game store, yay!) or New 3DSXL (probably too big for my tiny hands). I can already imagine myself playing Animal Crossing New Leaf (I’ll explain that in the next post). I prefer the matte finish over glossy texture actually.

Edit: I saw my friends 3DS games and they have the ESRB sticker. I’m sure that it’s the US lines. Is there such thing as an Asian line of Nintendo? I’m not refering to the Japan or Korea Nintendo.


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