Game – Animal Crossing Wild World

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The WordPress app on my iPad just doesn’t work after the latest update. It’s already February. I know I’m supposed to make a SuTao EXO’s Showtime post but I haven’t got the chance to have an EXO’s Showtime marathon. I’m excited about KBS Fluttering India for now because Kyu-line is there! Yay! Kyuhyun, Changmin and Suho in the same show, CAN’T WAIT!

So I’ve mentioned in my previous post that suddenly I want to play Animal Crossing New Leaf (ACNL). That’s because I’ve been playing Animal Crossing Wild World (ACWW). I never thought AC games can be so addicting and well, relaxing. The chibi design and animal characters won me over. They are so cute! Now I seriously can’t wait to get my own 3DSXL! I wonder if the ANCL 3DSXL is still available. It’s been over a year.

I named my ACWW character after myself (hehe). When I stepped out of the taxi, I have pink hair! So cute! I have never imagined that my character would get pink hair. I’m Chibi-Usa! LOL! The name of my town is “Harmony” because I couldn’t come up with any fancy and cute name so I just go with Harmony. I’ve also added two new roomies at my place and I named them based on my biases hahaha! I’m going to add another one after the fourth expansion.

ACWW house01

This is how it looks like on the inside when I arrived. The bowling machine was actually a gift from one of the neighbors named Anchovy. He gave it to me while I was delivering a wallpaper (I think). I was wearing Nook Store’s uniform haha!

ACWW Harmony map

This is a map of Harmony. The town’s fruit is an apple. One time, a coconut got washed up at the shore. I should have planted it but I end up selling it at Tom Nook. I’ve been waiting for another coconut to get washed up ever since.

ACWW Jan front house

It’s snowing outside, so pretty!

ACWW fell in a hole

Oh no!

ACWW stung by bees

The bees got me! I didn’t get the chance to catch one. More furniture at the back. This was the first house expansion if I’m not mistaken.

ACWW museum koi

I caught a koi and I donated it to the museum. I’ve been doing alot of fishing, never thought that I would actually enjoy it,

ACWW at brewster

There is a cafe in the museum. The coffee costs 200 bells.

ACWW rosie letter

I try to send letters as often as I can. This one is from Rosie, one of my favorite neighbors. She already moved to another town. Missed her a lot. I didn’t even get to receive her pictures. Hope she’ll come back soon.

Basically I spent a lot of time playing ACWW. I don’t mind really, it’s actually fun. Also this game needs a lot of dedication. ACWW keeps me busy for a while and I spent my time on my iPhone and iPad less, except when I need to browse something Animal Crossing related. I don’t know if I should make more posts on my progress on ACWW but… we’ll see.


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