Movie – Ant-Man

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My brothers, cousins and I went to watch Marvel’s “Ant-Man” in the afternoon last Monday. Initially, I didn’t want to watch Ant-Man because I thought I didn’t need to. Then someone on tumblr posted a screencap of uncredited cast from IMDb. So… yea… I forgot that Marvel always add post-credit scenes and since “Captain America: Civil War” is the next movie so obviously Marvel may tease it a little.

I don’t know how to make a proper movie review so below may just be some ramblings.

I really like the movie! It was great! I know nothing about Ant-Man but I did watch one or two episodes of “Avengers Assemble” where he made an appearance there helping Ironman, Thor and Hawkeye. Unmasked Scott Lang in “Avengers Assemble” is a cutie (You’re always No.1 to me Captain Rogers! ❤ )

Anyway back to the movie. I came without expecting anything and once I left the cinema, it was worth it. The storyline was humorous, there’s family value (I cried, I did), and the ants were kind of cute. I love Scotts’s friends, they’re funny! The audiences love them, especially Luis. To be honest, I forgot about Stan Lee’s cameo in the movie LOL!

I don’t want to say much because I don’t want to spoil anything. The only thing that made me unhappy was that I didn’t get to watch the second post-credit scene. The cinema staff clean the place when the credits were still rolling and almost all the audiences left besides my one of my brothers and I. If I get the chance to watch “Ant-Man” the second time, I’m going to glue myself on the chair! Overall, it was a great movie!

Go watch “Ant-Man” if you haven’t! Maybe my rambling cannot convince you enough but well, give it a chance 🙂 Next movie to watch, “Fantastic Four”! 😀


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