Wishlist: Hot Toys Captain America Figure

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So many things to buy, so little money. Why do we always want something so expensive? In my case, other than the price the items are not always available in stock.

I was scrolling pictures on Instagram’s Explore tab a few months ago and I came across photos of Captain America figure from Hot Toys. Captain was unmasked and he looks so much Chris Evans. I may have thought that photo was edited or something or that Chris Evans really had a photoshoot in his Captain America costume. Then there was another picture of Steve Rogers in his civilian outfit. I immediately googled about the figures. I didn’t even realize that I actually followed a local shop’s Instagram which sells Hot Toys figure along with other official comic and movie merchandises LOL!

After researching and then stalking Captain America Hot Toys photos on Instagram, there are two figures which I like; “Captain America & Steve Rogers Sixth Scale Figure Set” (mainly due to Steve Rogers figure because well, I always prefer Cap’n without his mask on ❤ ) and “Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Captain America Sixth Scale Figure” (because this one comes with a Steve Rogers head sculpt).HTCAWS

Credits: Sideshow Toy


Credits: Comicbook.com

So the problem here is that, I don’t know which I should choose. “Captain America & Steve Rogers Sixth Scale Figure Set” is available in stock at the price of $400 but Cap’s stealth uniform is… it’s cool actually but I fell in love with Cap’s uniform from Avengers: Age of Ultron. “Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Captain America Sixth Scale Figure” is not available in store so the only way to get one is for me to make a pre-order and it costs at about $300. Decisions, decisions… Or should I wait for the announcement of Captain America: Civil War figure?

Do you guys collect Hot Toys figures? If you do, what are the figures which you have in your collection? If not, would you consider on getting one?


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