Game – New Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle

Mood: 46_Enthralled excited

I saw the picture of the bundle on tumblr last year(?). It looked so cute and I was hoping for my local retailer here to sell some. As I have mentioned previously, I’m not a big fan of the New 3DS XL version. The red and blue versions looked cool though. Then, months later it was announced that New 3DS Pokemon bundle was on sale but that sold out fast once it reached here. I wanted to do an unboxing video 😛 however, the box was already opened and the system displayed at the shop so I didn’t really need to do it. (I love watching unboxing/review videos, there’s just something exciting about it).

The system looked so cute! XD ❤ There are two cover plates; Isabelle and Happy Home Designer game cover. I decided to keep using the Isabelle one because she looks so adorable and happy 😀 (and I’m a little lazy to change it). There’s a download code available for the game. I initially thought it was pre-installed like what Nintendo did for Nintendo 3DS XL Animal Crossing New Leaf bundle. It also came with an amiibo card of one of the special/premium characters, I got Joan. The retailer was nice enough to include a game charger. I planned on getting an Isabelle stylus pen to match with the system and I don’t want to use the original stylus pen all the time because of the risk of loosing it.

So far, I enjoyed playing AC Happy Home. I like designing the villagers’ home but I admit, my skills are not that great. I have completed the town section and I’m waiting for Marshal. He visits the town all the time but he has yet to stand outside of Nook Homes. He’s cute, isn’t he? XD Lottie is adorable too but we only get to design her home in the tutorial and need an amiibo card after. I don’t know if I will buy some amiibo cards because I noticed very limited stock from the retailer.

Now that I have a N3DS, I have a few games on my wishlist. The games are rather expensive so I’m trying to find a used copy or wait for the games to go on sale; like year-end sale or something.

That is all from me. Do you guys own a 3DS/3DS XL? What are your favorite games?

Happy Eid Mubarak to everyone who celebrate it 😊


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