Visual Novel – The Crown & The Flame Book 1

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Pixelberry has released a new app called; “Choices: Stories You Play.” It reminds me of this app called “Episode: Choose Your Story” (I love both apps by the way) because it’s obviously a visual novel game. I downloaded this on my iPhone but then I deleted it due to storage issue and downloaded the app on my iPad instead. I’ve passed the first chapter of all three novels until I decided to fully concentrate on “The Crown & The Flame.”


“Kenna’s rivals stole her kingdom, but now the time has come for her to raise an army, destroy her enemies, and reclaim her crown.”

After playing the first chapter, I immediately fell in love. Probably because I can immediately start a romantic relationship between the main characters. Yes, I ship them already! The main characters are; Kenna Rys, a princess who escaped her kingdom when it was under attack, and Dominic Hunter, an orphan who discovered that he has fire power. They were childhood friends. I like that at the beginning of the first chapter, we have the option to make Kenna and Dom a couple. I shipped them from the moment I chose Kenna to kiss him when they were sparring together (I’m glad that it didn’t cost diamonds to choose that option). Not long after, the kingdom of Stormholt was under attack and Kenna and Gabriel (and Prince Tevan, I spent diamonds to save him and he became an ally) had to flee from her kingdom. Dom had to stay in order to help them escape. When Dom helped one of the maids, he discovered that he has the ability to summon fire.

I did not make much premium choices because my iTunes credit was low and I had to collect some from playing other stories. If I’m not mistaken, I made 2 premium choices in this and only 1 on “Most Wanted” (another favorite story of mine). One was rescuing Prince Tevan’s life (I liked him, he seemed nice) and another was Dom confessing to Trystan Blake on his relationship with Kenna (he asked and I was interested so I made that choice and I’m selfish like that hehe..)

This was a very good story from start to finish, in my opinion anyway. Maybe because the story is set in a different era but it’s not that heavily classic either. It kind of reminds me of a TV show called “Merlin,” it sets in a medieval era but the way they speak did not sound that classic and not too modern either. I guess that’s the best way I can put it.


I checked on YouTube sometime before I go to work and search for “The Crown & The Flame” playthrough videos. One user already finished his playthrough. I chose the final chapter because I was curious since he/she added that he/she made premium choices. I did not make the premium choice of talking with Dom in private after Kenna’s coronation but this user did, and I’m forever thankful and happy with what I’ve seen! Kenna and Dom shared a very romantic moment 😏 and I can’t stop fangirling about it! I even took several screenshots because I’m a creeper. I wonder how many romantic moments they will share in Book 2 and beyond… I need to top-up my iTunes credit fast! I haven’t top-up my broadband prepaid as well so I’ll be visiting YouTube for the playthroughs. Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

Pixelberry has released the first chapter of Book 2! I’m so excited to get back to it and probably replay Book 1 as well. I missed the theme songs and the characters.

Have you guys downloaded “Choices: Stories You Play” app? If you have, which of the 3 stories is your favorite? Do you have an OTP/several OTPs yet?


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