Haul – Animal Crossing Collectors Album+ Animal Crossing home console wishlist

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Wow, that’s the longest title in this blog.

My mother called on Tuesday that the postman has left a coupon(?) informing me that I need to collect my package from the post office. I knew right then and there that the Animal Crossing Amiibo Card album and Isabelle card which I bought from an Australian YouTuber has arrived. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks, 😆 I asked my brother to collect it since I’m off work after 6pm.

Meivu uploaded a post on her Instagram story that she was selling her Series 1&2 albums. I knew I had to get it! Isabelle looked so adorable on the center of the cover! I’m so thankful that she did this. It’s amazing despite the price is on the expensive side. I did not mind it much since I really wanted it and amiibo cards are sold out here (I bought the very last pack from the game store! 😯 )

Altogether, I’ve owned 8 amiibo cards. I would like to buy more cards from Meivu since she has several doubles. As much as it is fun to collect all of the cards, it’s actually too expensive so I just cut down to several cards that I really, really like. I do plan on collecting every single Isabelle cards out there (or anything of Isabelle, honestly) because she’s my ultimate bias (I’m sure she’s everyone’s ultimate bias) and all of the Sanrio x ACNL collaboration cards. Animal Crossing products sell like hotcakes everywhere!

When I have the internet broadband back up at home, I may post several pictures of Isabelle’s home which I have decorated for her in ACHHD, on here and on tumblr. It’s not that impressive but my idea is not original at all. I give Isabelle as house near the beach because she deserves a break from work. Maybe I’ll change the location later 😆

Last month, there was a Nintendo Switch Presentation which was streaming live on the official Nintendo YouTube channel. I’ve been thinking that maybe Animal Crossing game will be on Switch as well. I have a few things on my mind which I want to mention. If there will be an Animal Crossing game for Switch, I’ll be on board on getting the console. Animal Crossing will have a mobile game coming as well, so I hope that the game supports iPhone5.

  • Since Switch is also a home console, I imagined that AC’s town map will be even bigger! Like more shops/stalls,  maybe this time Brewster has his own standalone cafe in the main street area, the police station will be there too.
  • Player can retain the mayor role…or maybe become a King/Queen/Prince/Princess of the town…?
  • ACHHD gives us a glimpse on how the NPCs’ houses looks like so why not that after the closing business hour, we can visit their homes. I do feel upset that Isabelle basically stays in the town hall most of the time. Don’t get me started on Digby! 😥
  • I like the diving feature in ACNL. Maybe this time, player can dive deeper in the ocean, like Uncharted game style! Also, enhanced diving equipment.
  • New game = new characters! 😀 How about merpeople? That’d be cool!

I guess that’s all I can think of as of now. Pretty ambitious, don’t you think so? I have to be honest, ever since I’ve been exposed to Animal Crossing fandom, it’s like I want everything of it! All of their products are so pretty and do not look too much. Simple and cute, I guess that’s Animal Crossing’s trademark.

That is all from me. Do you guys collect the Animal Crossing’s amiibo cards and figures? If so, what do you have in your collection so far? What’s your favorite from all the amiibo cards and figures?


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