Haul – Funko Pop Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice 2 Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive)

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About 20 years ago, I had a Batman and Superman plastic dolls. I don’t remember how I got it exactly; either it was a buy-one-free-one promotion going on or I just can’t decide that my parents had to pay for both dolls. Then I played with them when dad had to send our old car to the workshop. I think I made Batman fly :lol:.

I asked my parents when we will have a little vacation (like 8-10 hours out of country vacation, just across the border by car) because I want to buy a Batman v Superman funko pop. I always wanted one since last year and I saw that it was on sale in January at Toys R Us. They managed to get one for me last week. That’s probably the only thing I’m going to ask from them this year 😆 My birthday came early this year :lol:.

I saw a preview of this last year(?) and since funko pop is one of the cutest collectibles in the world, I wanted one. Also because it’s Batman v Superman, happens to be my no.1 movie of 2016. I felt a lot of emotions that I can’t make a proper review and just said my thanks to DC, WB and crew.

I owned 2 funko pop before this; a classic Batman (which I shared with my brothers) and Disney’s Frozen’s Elsa. The figures are really nice so I’m very happy with that. I noticed that the BvS ones are a little lighter in weight compared to the classic Batman one. There was an accident with the classic one about 2-3 weeks ago, my younger brother beheaded the figure when we were having a discussion which I forgot what it was about 😡

Batman was holding a batarang and his costume is not all black and gray. He has a golden coloured utility belt, the top part (the small part) of his boots is also golden and at the end of this cape has a little dirt on it. That was an amazing detail which I did not notice it the first time. His pose is standard.

Superman’s pose is different, he’s doing his flying pose. He can stand on this pose but he falls easy if you can’t find the balance or if you accidentally hit on the table. He comes with a clear stand so that he can be displayed well. Superman looks amazing with this pose. I can faintly hear the Man of Steel theme just looking at him. I really love this pose.

I would like to collect more of these; Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Knightmare Batman. The Armored Batman is a Legion of Collectors box exclusive only. There was another funko minis(?) figures and mopeez plush dolls of this movie. The funko minis ones were not on sale here, I need to make a pre-order from the seller. Actually, majority of collectibles needs private orders from the seller. I can understand their decision. Oh yeah! Nendoroid Batman v Superman are available too! My friend’s brother purchased them online. HotToys Batman v Superman are beautiful but they cost a lot! 2 years later, I still haven’t manage to get one Captain America HotToys 😦

That is all from me. Do you collect any Funko Pop figures? If you don’t, would you consider in getting one?


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