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Go, go, Power Rangers!

How nostalgic! I remember that there were people out there who wanted for the new Power Rangers movie to suck, but jokes on you! Okay, in the end it all comes down to taste and preferences but this movie does.not.suck! Maybe that’s the nostalgia talking, but I’m being serious here. I love the movie. I had a lot of fun and plan on seeing it the second time! 100%! Yes it was that good (for me)! I want the movie to be available in DVD/Blu-Ray immediately!

Credit: Power Rangers Movie Official Twitter

Credit: Lionsgate Movies Official YouTube

A little history, I was introduced to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers sometime before or after I was in Kindergarten. It was a 7pm/7:30pm weekend block for kids. If I’m not mistaken Doraemon was at 7pm and Power Rangers was at 7:30pm. Anyway, I was immediately hooked after the first episode and my parents and grandparents just let me have the TV all to myself at that hour. I ship Jason and Kimberly together before I know what shipping meant! Team Jimberly! They were always together, so cute and it just makes sense to me. Their influence was so strong, I arranged my red and pink colour pencils next to each other. Oh I’m serious.

Beware: SPOILERS and plenty of ramblings!

I missed the first 5 to 10 minutes of the movie because I took a nap and then the snack line was insane (I mean, a group in front of me ordered a lot!) Initially I wanted to buy Red and Pink Rangers snack combo (because Team Jimberly) but the Red Ranger ones (all of the boys apparently) were sold out. So I bought the Pink Ranger for myself and Kong Skull Island snack combo for my brother. Anyway, when we entered the cinema, we were at the part where Zordon defeated Rita Repulsa who was a Green Ranger at the time. Now I understand why Rita Repulsa’s appearance was different than how I was used to.

Then the next scene shows Jason Scott and his friends took a cow named Beefcake into a gym locker room. I did not understand this part and later after the movie my brother explained that sometimes, students would steal/hide/make a prank at the rival school’s sport mascot. Jason got into a serious trouble and was sent to detention. Mr Scott looks a lot like Austin St. John (the original Jason, Red Ranger)! Jason saw Kimberly Hart in the hallway and he shyly greeted her (asdfghjk 😀 ). Billy Cranston was also in the detention class (the reason for that will be revealed at the middle of the movie) doing a research I suppose. A class bully broke Billy’s colour pencils and then Jason saved him by slapping the bully, hah! 😆 In the female restroom, there was tension going on between Kimberly with her now-former squad. Then she cut her hair and got a mouthful from her parents after.

After detention, Billy introduced himself to Jason and made a deal with him. Later in the evening, they went to Angel Grove’s mining area. In the next scene we discover Kimberly, Trini Kwan and Zack Taylor were at the area as well. After Billy initiated a bomb, all of them went to where Billy was and saw some strange coins. That’s where the fun starts. Well, I was already hooked from the start and there were a couple of Jimberly moments (more to come later on)!

The storyline may seem a little predictable but it did not take me out of the movie. The cliche teenagers with an attitude, dealing with stuffs and becoming Power Rangers made them realize what true friendship, working together and being a unit means. Billy was so sincere throughout the movie, like he was innocent and nerdy and he loves his friends so much. Billy was the first one to morph! It is easy to love all of the characters if you are familiar or followed the original TV series. The actors were amazing! What more can I say? They did great in their first blockbuster film. I wouldn’t be surprise if everyone will start to develop a crush on Ludi Lin (Zack/Black Ranger) after watching the movie. I know I did, just a little… He’s entertaining. All of them are! Just watch all their interviews! The musics were great! Theme song was too short according to the majority but I think it was just right. The placement was perfect in the movie. I wanted to scream in the cinema when that happened but no one did it so I decided not to.

In the trailer, they showed a scene where Jason and Kimberly kissed but they cut it in the movie. I was upset but after seeing the movie and reading the article, I get it. It will give a wrong impression since Kimberly just recently broke up with her now ex-boyfriend. Also, they wanted to make it an ensemble movie because that’s what Power Rangers is all about; a team. I am happy with the many Jason x Kimberly moments in the movie, just like how I was with the OG TV show but they…did…not…become…a…couple… 😥 I’m sure they are dating in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie! I purposely skipped to their parts when I watch the movie. I can watch Jason x Kimberly cuts of the movie all day. Creepy? 😆

OG fans will be delighted to see a cameo of the OG Rangers. I was so happy to see Amy Jo Johnson! Will the other OG Rangers make a cameo in the sequels? I want Austin St John to make a cameo in the future movies. Yes, there will be a sequel because they teased Tommy Oliver in the mid-credit scene. It will happen eventually. Evil Tommy was cool in the TV show but he got overrated later on. I really, really hope that there will be sequels to the movie. Bring in $1 billion box office! I think the franchise deserves it. Too ambitious? I just can’t stop talking about Power Rangers, my brother and I start playing Power Rangers Legacy Wars. Not good at it yet but I’ve unlocked Jason and Kimberly! Yay!

That is all from me for now. Have you seen the new Power Rangers movie? What do you think of it? Do you still watch Power Rangers TV series?


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