Movie – Wonder Woman (2017)

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The day is here, Wonder Woman movie finally released worldwide! Every fans out there are excited for the movie. Can you all believe that it’s been 10 months (more or less) since we last seen a DCEU movie in the cinema? We waited so long for another DCEU movie, but it’s worth it. Then later in November, Justice League movie will come out!

Thank you Warner Bros. Thank you Patty Jenkins. Thank you Gal Gadot. Thank you to all of the cast and crew. After watching the movie, I feel a whole new confidence in me.

WARNING: Spoilers and random ramblings!

My brothers and I saw Wonder Woman on Friday at 10:35pm showing. It was a funny experience for me really, because I thought that nobody would choose a late movie showing. I was absolutely wrong. There were still a lot of people who came for the movie. I was impress to be honest. I also saw a middle-age couple in the cinema! The snack line was quite long but I manage to get my Wonder Woman snack combo! The choices were Wonder Woman and Training Diana toppers, I got the Wonder Woman one of course. You can never go wrong with the hands cross pose.

Despite watching the movie at a later hour, I was not sleepy at all. Okay, I did yawn once. I was glad that I did not have the urge to pee at all. Also, I brought my small Wonder Woman mopeez doll with me.

Themyscira was so beautiful! It made me feel like I really want to live there. I do like the ancient Greek mythos atmosphere. The women are beautiful. They were training! I want to join too! Child Diana was so cute and Teen Diana was cool. The battle on the beach took place at the earlier part of the movie. That scene was amazing, I was speechless!

Gal Gadot was amazing in this movie. I love her performance. She is Wonder Woman! Period. Steve Trevor was a great guy. I love him. I want to see more of him but I did not expect that scene. It was so heartbreaking. My obsession for WonderTrev is up high now. I shipped them since I watched DC Superhero Girls. They were cute there. I love Etta Candy. I can totally see Diana living with her after the war ends. I want to see more of Diana and Etta being besties.

I just realized, no one actually call Diana “Wonder Woman.” I wonder who will call her that maybe in a later movie 😉 I’m pretty sure there’s one more Wonder Woman solo movie. There were rumors going around about Wonder Woman 2 but I’m not going to buy it yet until there’s like official Warner Bros and DC Comics press release or an announcement from Comic-Con 2017. Actually, Comic-Con 2017 is a perfect platform to announce Wonder Woman 2!

Justice League! Yes! Justice League is coming up and I am so excited for it. I’m so excited to see everyone again! I miss Benry (Ben Affleck x Henry Cavill)! I know they prefer the name Cavfleck but Benry is cute. Anyway, Wonder Woman is great, go see it! I would love to see it multiple times, but I don’t know if I can find the time. Maybe I’ll just go alone…

That is all from me for now. Did you get the chance to see Wonder Woman? What are your thoughts on it?


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