TV – Castlevania S1

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I am not familiar with “Castlevania” franchise but I think I’ve heard of that name before. When I was browsing through Nintendo 3DS Eshop, I saw a couple of “Castlevania” games on sale (I think it was). At that time I was looking for “Animal Crossing Wild World” (sadly that one is unavailable). Earlier this year, an animated series of “Castlevania” was announced. It got me interested a little with the concept, but when they say that it was Rated-R; I was on the fence about it. I’m not really into it, also I’m not into anime anymore. Maybe I’m just selective of what I’m watching.

Later on, Netflix uploaded the trailer. I saw it and thought that it was cool. I followed Nintendo fan accounts so they definitely share the news about it. Then earlier this month, the anime was released. My twitter feed went crazy and I checked people responses about it. Most of them were not happy that it was only 4 episodes. Then I was like, maybe 4 episodes is not such a bad idea. So I decided to check it out after work. I had no idea that there are so many “Castlevania” games and was produced by Konami. Maybe I’ll check out the gameplay when I feel like it.

Overall, I enjoyed it. I love the storyline but I’m still not into the extreme violence. I mean it, NO ONE is safe in the anime! The blood rain animation is cool though. I can understand why people are mad that it’s too short, but it’s perfect for me. I cannot imagine how I would react to another 12 episodes of extreme violence. I’d probably stop halfway through and just read the spoilers like I always do with a lot of new TV releases. I spoiled myself with the overall plot of “Riverdale”, but I’m not screaming about it, it was my choice. I got my bread but not the patty, mayonnaise, lettuce and cheese. Food analogy, classic. Then, it was announced that the second season will be 8 episodes long.

There are funny moments and repulsive moments too. My favorite line in the series is; “Please. This is not a bar fight. Have some class.” I had a good laugh out of that. So brilliant! I’m not familiar with the characters but this season did the introduction very well. Probably because I immediately headed over to wiki to check the characters’ profile, LOL! So, I am not sure if they will show Trevor and Sypha romance in the next season. I know that they’re married according to their wiki. An imply or a hint would be just fine. Dracula and Lisa’s romance was specified but of couse, no scenes between which looks romantic. I don’t think their introduction scene counts as romantic. I love how Lisa is not afraid of Dracula. Sypha was not afraid of Trevor too and she’s even sassy which I really like. I think twitter is going crazy over Alucard. I kid you not, Alucard reminds me of Sephiroth.

That is my overall thoughts on “Castlevania.” Just as I have mentioned, I enjoyed the storyline and am interested in how the series will end. I think I need more Alucard, LOL!

Did you get the chance to watch “Castlevania” on Netflix? If you have, what are your thoughts on it? If not, are you interested in seeing it?


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