Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

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If I have to summarize the year 2017, I would have to say it was bittersweet. I am going to mention the highlights of the year. Most of them are fandom related because I have no life.

At the moment I am trying my best to grow my Animal Crossing collection. It’s no secret that I am trying my best in collecting the amiibo cards. I guess I will be collecting the ones that I really like because I only have one album. I still have a long way to go. I have to say I am about 40% completed my collection.

The latest amiibo figure that I got was Kicks. I haven’t got the chance to use his amiibo yet. I also managed to get Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo bundle. I was glad that it was on sale. I got two figures; Isabelle (winter) and Digby, and three special amiibo cards; Rosie, Goldie and Stitches! I’ve scanned in Stitches in my brother’s ACNL town.

I got the chance to adopt Savannah from another player! I was so happy to see her roaming around in my town. Savannah resides in my Wild World town (it’s been months since I last visit the game!) and I came to love her. After that, I’ve scanned in Blaire (used to live in my Wild World town). My favorite girls!


Back in November, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was released! I was upset that it does not support iPhone5 so I just watch some gameplay videos on YouTube. Then earlier this month, I’ve upgraded to an iPhone8 Plus! I can finally play the game! It’s addictive!


I was given a chance to take a one month break from work because of renovation. It was great. I never thought that I would need it. Speaking of breaks, I am planning on my trip to Kuala Lumpur if “EXO Planet #4 The ElyXiOn” concert will take place there, or NCT127’s fanmeeting or VIXX’s concert, whatever as long as it’s K-pop related. I have my EXO lightstick version 2 ready!


I managed to get all of NCT127’s mini-albums. Hooray! It’s funny that I bought the albums backwards; Cherry Bomb -> Limitless -> Firetruck. I got Taeyong’s photocard, Taeyong postcard(?) and Haechan’s photocard. It would be really funny if I got all Taeyong though. I wanted Jaehyun because he’s my bias but I generally love all of the members (cliche answer). I am excited for NCT127 to release their first full-length album one day. Maybe after their first album, they can finally have their own concert. I would love to attend their concert one day. I wonder what their lightstick will look like.


The biggest tragedy I ever experience in my years of being a K-pop and SM Entertainment’s fan is the lost of one of my idols. It’s the worst feeling than experiencing members leaving the group. It was a hot topic in the past days about SHINee Jonghyun’s tragedy. I was numb when I got the news. I was in denial and did not sleep well. I feel like I took him and SHINee for granted. I failed him. I cried for days, stopped updating my SNS other than liking the posts about him or SHINee. I wanted to talk with the closest people I know, but I was speechless and I believe they too were grieving on their own. So, I was on my own. It may take awhile for me to fully recover from this tragedy. I’ve been listening to SHINee’s songs especially their first album, “The SHINee World” is one of my favorite albums. Thank you for everything 김종현. I love you. I miss you.

That is all I can summarize my 2017. I pray for everyone to be happy and healthy in 2018. How was 2017 for you and what are your hopes in 2018?

Happy New Year Everyone!


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