Game – Pokemon ORAS Special Demo

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A few weeks ago, I have downloaded “Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire” (ORAS) special demo from Nintendo 3DS Eshop. I thought that this demo would not be available anymore because the full games had been released for a long time now. I wanted to give the demo a try, it’s to fill the void in my heart. I am a little lazy to complete my Pokedex for “Pokemon Moon” and I always tell myself to only buy new game once a month. I will buy “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire” eventually. This February, I might buy a used copy of “Disney Magical World.”


Orlando (boy character) and Steven arrived on an island and they stumble across two members of Team Aqua. They insisted on a battle and Steven asked Orlando to choose out of the three starter pokemons. I chose Combusken because I fell in love with Torchic. I am pretty sure I want Torchic to remain with me forever and I do not want him to evolve, ever! (Yeah right, I said that too when I had Rowlet but I still evolve him anyway)

After defeating them, a professor appeared and I forget the whole conversation, LOL! After the conversation, Steven told Orlando to talk to him when he’s ready to go to another island. Of course, I let Orlando walk around the island. I came across Steven’s house, but I cannot get anywhere near it. A child said that there is a barrier around Steven’s house. In this demo, you cannot barge in to other people’s home, LOL!

Once landed on the island, Orlando must battle two members of Team Magma who were blocking the cave entrance. I personally love the pose that they did before they start to battle. They got style. Then, Orlando met his friend who was in an argument with the Team Aqua members. After the battle with Team Aqua, Combusken evolved to Blaziken! Later on, Orlando and Steve battle Team Aqua and Team Magma’s leader.

After the battle, Steven gave Orlando a Pokeball and told him to catch a wild Pokemon. That Pokemon was Glalie and the demo ended. I can transfer Glalie to the full game after I get my copy. I wish I could get more pictures but do an in-game screen capture on the Nintendo 3DS. I really want a 3DS Capture Card right now so that I can share a lot of pictures and videos, they are so expensive!

That’s basically the demo. It’s a little more exciting than how I describe it. It felt shorter than the Pokemon Sun/Moon demo. I was shocked about it. I was already sold on the game and I am excited to give Pokemon ORAS a try. Pokemon games are rather expensive here even the used copy sold at retailers.

That is all from me for now. Have any of you ever tried playing any Pokemon games and demos before? Which is/are your favorite? Which is/are your favorite Pokemons?


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