Game – Catching up on My Little Pony and Disney Magic Kingdom

Mood:  tired

I have this habit of trying new mobile game, but the interest goes down significantly after about a week or two of playing. Based on the previous what’s on my iPhone8 Plus post, you can see that there are several games I have downloaded.

For the past weeks, I was checking on both “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” (MLP:FiM) and “Disney Magic Kingdom” (DMK) because it’s been a while since I last play the game. At that time, there was a Lunar New Year event on both games and I was seriously grinding on both games to get more coins, gems and magic potions so that I can progress with the story. It was hard work and I did not get to finish the event on both games.

First in MLP:FiM, the event was called Timeless Beauty. Rarity was telling Sweetie Belle a story about her favorite legend and all of a sudden, the Mistmane, the legendary sorceress appeared at present time. Rarity and Sweetie Belle must do whatever it takes to not screw up the legend. I was struggling with this event because I did not have enough gems to unlock the special characters to help with the mission. I really wanted to unlock Mistmane even if I did not have to successfully complete the event. I hope that the developers can bring back the Mistmane event again next year. Mistmane looks absolutely beautiful! The only character I got from this event is Mistmane’s father and he is wandering around Ponyville.

In DMK, during the first week, the players need to help the birds who were trapped in magical vines. It was a horrible experience because it took two hours to get the material and I only have 2 characters who can rescue the birds; Mickey and Goofy. I was trying my luck three times to get Mulan from the Legendary chests but I failed. In the second week, I need to destroy the fireworks which were hopping around Disneyland. After successfully completed the mission, I got Li Shang as a reward. Just like Mistmane’s father, Shang the only character from “Mulan” roaming around and entertaining the children in Disneyland. It seemed I need to buy the Legendary Chests Bundle in order to get the chance to unlock Mulan and Mushu.

Don’t get me started on the AC:PC event. I sort of gave up on catching the ladybugs. They flew away! I managed to complete the Timed Goals before the event ends and traded several flowers to get the flower crowns. As much as I want Celeste to be present in my camp, I have already spent several leaf tickets. I haven’t even spend leaf tickets on KK Slider and Tom Nook!

Now that the event is over and DMK has released a new event (soon for MLP:FiM and AC:PC), I need to take a chill pill and not torture myself just to complete the missions.

That is all from me for now. Have you ever experience playing special events in games? Do you normally participate in it or not?


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