Haul – Peachy Jaehyun Doll by fufu_jae

Mood:   giddy

First of all, I would like to thank @fufu_jae for designing the Peachy Jaehyun doll and @NCTFangirlStore for organizing the group order. Thank you for your patience and hardwork.


He’s here at last! Okay, actually he already arrived about two weeks ago.

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Haul – Razer DVA MEKA Headset

Mood:   WOW!

I’m going to say it; I actually do not play “Overwatch” game. I did try the training option once using my brother’s account, but I believe I am better off just watching the gameplay. I do not remember when I became aware about “Overwatch” but I did get interested in it when I watch a match between VIXX and Monsta X months ago. After watching their match, I become familiar with the “Overwatch” characters (not all of them).

Last year, I saw a tweet that Razer will be releasing D.va inspired gaming peripherals. The headset looks amazing! I was contemplating on whether I should get the headset or not. I personally love the design. It took me weeks (and a number of unboxing/review videos/posts) to decide on whether I should get it. I am not sure if we are able to import this. Then last weeks ago, I was checking out the Facebook page of this one computer shop and they posted a picture of a stack of D.va headsets. Then I decided that I need to have it before it’s sold out!

I would like to apologize in advance for my horrible photography skill.

My youngest brother sent me this picture while I was at work.

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Game – Catching up on My Little Pony and Disney Magic Kingdom

Mood:  tired

I have this habit of trying new mobile game, but the interest goes down significantly after about a week or two of playing. Based on the previous what’s on my iPhone8 Plus post, you can see that there are several games I have downloaded.

For the past weeks, I was checking on both “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” (MLP:FiM) and “Disney Magic Kingdom” (DMK) because it’s been a while since I last play the game. At that time, there was a Lunar New Year event on both games and I was seriously grinding on both games to get more coins, gems and magic potions so that I can progress with the story. It was hard work and I did not get to finish the event on both games.

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Movie – Black Panther

Mood:  impressed

“Black Panther” is on my must-watch movies of 2018 list. I got to see it last Friday. I was intrigued with the introduction of T’Challa in “Captain America: Civil War.” When Sam asked T’Challa if he liked cats, I rolled my eyes. As much as I love Steve Rogers, I think Civil War is not the kind of conclusion that I wanted for a Captain America trilogy. However, I was happy to see Steve at the end of the movie. So, I hope that “Avengers: Infinity War” will give Steve Rogers an appropriate ending to his story. But then again, I should keep my expectation low.

I am not a film critic, obviously. I mostly express what I feel after watching the movie. Is it just me or is there only one trailer for this movie?

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Game – Pokemon ORAS Special Demo

Mood:  okay

A few weeks ago, I have downloaded “Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire” (ORAS) special demo from Nintendo 3DS Eshop. I thought that this demo would not be available anymore because the full games had been released for a long time now. I wanted to give the demo a try, it’s to fill the void in my heart. I am a little lazy to complete my Pokedex for “Pokemon Moon” and I always tell myself to only buy new game once a month. I will buy “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire” eventually. This February, I might buy a used copy of “Disney Magical World.”


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Celebrating Savannah’s birthday

Mood: Excited photo excited.png excited

Savannah the zebra, is one of my favorite villagers in Animal Crossing. She moved to my AC Wild World town (played on an emu) a few years ago and I immediately love her. She’s so sweet and nice.

After I bought a physical copy of ACWW (and after a couple of resets because the bridge placement was horrible), she moved in to my ACWW town again! The bridge placement is still horrible but I take it because Savannah lives there. She was in boxes a few days ago but I told her not to move out. She did not even say anything about her move!

00Kaybee – New Leaf

53Animorya – Wild World

January 25th was her birthday and I was so excited to celebrate it with her. My plan is I want to celebrate Savannah’s birthday with Blaire (another favorite villager). I had my hopes up when Blaire was not at home. Then I call her using a megaphone just in case she was roaming around outside. She was outside… When I use my second character, she was with Savannah! When I visit Savannah again the second time as mayor, Blaire is partying with her! Unbelievable… I still love her.

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Manhwa & Manga Collection

Mood:   nostalgic

About a few months ago, I watched several videos on YouTube about unboxing/haul/collection of manga. So I thought, why not I share my manhwa and manga collection in this blog too! My collection is very small to be honest and I collect both in English and Malay language. Sadly, the manhwa and manga selection here are rather limited so I read some online via fan translation.

I used to collect a few Doraemon manga in Malay language but due to my carelessness, I lost them. I love Doraemon but I’m such a terrible fan for losing the manga. 😦 He means a lot to me. I initially thought that Doraemon was female because in Malay dub, he was voiced by a woman. He did not sound feminine, it was more in the middle. Funny, I always say that my favorite colour is pink but most of my favorite characters are blue; Doraemon, Stitch, Sonic…

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