Haul – ACNL Welcome Amiibo Guide Book & Mabel Amiibo Figure

Mood: 46_Enthralled excited

I recently bought Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo guide book and Mable amiibo figure. I bought them on a pretty good deal but purchase them separately. Both are impulse purchases of course, and now I’m broke LOL!

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Haul – Animal Crossing Amiibo Figure Isabelle (Summer)

Mood: jubilant

Finally, after one month of waiting, Isabelle amiibo figure arrived! Funny story, the postal coupon(?) arrived before I go to work and I have no idea! My brothers did not even say anything about it, keeping it a hush-hush until I return home. I was surprised to see the small box on the table. That was the sweetest thing ever, from my brothers of all people!

I’m sorry that I did not take a proper before picture. I was so excited that I immediately and carefully rip it open.

I was browsing through Play Asia last month and I saw that Japanese Animal Crossing Isabelle Summer amiibo figure was at USD3.99 at the time and there’s no way I’m going to say “No”. After thorough calculation, I immediately bought the figure! Shipping took a while and kind of expensive. Is it just me or has the shipping cost for online shopping just skyrocketed? It took about one month for it to arrive. While waiting, I watched a bunch of Animal Crossing related unboxing videos on YouTube. Is that weird?

The figure looks so small than how I imagined it. It’s about the size of my palm. It was well-made, the paint job looks amazing and Isabelle looks absolutely cute! 😀

I immediately scanned Isabelle amiibo to the campsite. Her RV looks so cute! I really love how it looks and her items in the RV. Her motorbike looks so cute. I remember I saw a video of her using the motorbike in Mario Kart, if I’m not mistaken.




That is all from me. Do you guys collect amiibo figures from Animal Crossing or other games? Did you scan all of them in your ACNL game?

Haul – Funko Pop Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice 2 Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive)

Mood:  hyper

About 20 years ago, I had a Batman and Superman plastic dolls. I don’t remember how I got it exactly; either it was a buy-one-free-one promotion going on or I just can’t decide that my parents had to pay for both dolls. Then I played with them when dad had to send our old car to the workshop. I think I made Batman fly :lol:.

I asked my parents when we will have a little vacation (like 8-10 hours out of country vacation, just across the border by car) because I want to buy a Batman v Superman funko pop. I always wanted one since last year and I saw that it was on sale in January at Toys R Us. They managed to get one for me last week. That’s probably the only thing I’m going to ask from them this year 😆 My birthday came early this year :lol:.

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Haul – FunkoPOP Disney’s FROZEN Elsa

Mood: Sleepy

I should upload the final post on EXO SHOWTIME but I have yet to make a post about it. It seems the SuTao post may be postponed to January because I haven’t been going on EXO SHOWTIME marathon.

Anyway, yesterday I went on a little shopping spree. When I say little, I mean that I only bought one thing. After so much consideration, I finally bought Elsa FunkoPOP. I thought it won’t be available because we all know that Elsa merchandise sold out everywhere.



She looks so cute! I have a few more FunkoPOP figures I want to buy, especially from Disney, DC and My Little Pony lines. These figures sales like hotcakes here. Do you guys also collect FunkoPOP figures?

Haul – “Jekyll”, “Voodoo” and “Miracles in December” albums

Mood: 54_Geeky Geeky

Updating this post on my iPhone. I’ve bought a few albums since…October but I forgot to make a haul post. I can’t believe it! Well, I’ve bought 4 albums recently which are VIXX’s “Jekyll” and “Voodoo” and EXO’s “Miracles in December.” I bought it from Yeszone Enterprise, just like my “GROWL” albums previously. Whenever I bought anything of EXO, I would get very impatient. However, it’s a different story for VIXX, I was like, all chill about it. They have different effect on me, I dunno. But, I’m still a good fangirl (brag, hahaha).


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Haul – EXO Growl Repackage Album

Mood: 46_Enthralled Happy…enough

A long overdue post. So I’ll just keep it short. I bought Growl album about 3 weeks ago. My friend and I bought it from a local music shop…or should I say K-Pop/J-Pop/Mando-Pop/Anime shop, “Yeszone Enterprise”. The tracks from the albums are great; seriously how can you choose between “으르렁”, “XOXO” and “LUCKY”?


These are the photocards that I got. I was…pretty…disappointed that I did not get my biases or the group ones. My Chanyeol photocard is in the process of trading, yay! So I may make a photocard trade post next time.

See you around next time!


Mood: DEAD!!!

31st July 2013, 11:30PM was the night I died and reborn. Okay that sounds quite… weird, but I don’t care! That’s what I felt when EXO’s “GROWL” MV debuted. I so do not regret for staying up late just to watch the MVs.

When SM tweeted that they released the MV at 12AM KST, I couldn’t believe it. However at the same time, I was glad because that would mean that I’d be the sole user of wifi by that time. My friend and I were SUPER EXCITED about the MV. We were on WhatsApp, spazzing and died, and spazzing, and died, LOL! Just imagine how fangirls behaved when they watched their idol’s MV at almost midnight.


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