Reaction – 140815 SMTown Concert Kyu-line “Something”

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Just something quick before I make another post on EXO’S SHOWTIME. I know I’m taking so long for this. Just bear with me (if there are anybody reading them anyway).

Since I’m often check for updates on Twitter, I forgot that SMTown concert officially starts yesterday. So there were several updates from the rehearsal on several SNS. I guess my favorite update was of Tao eating fried chicken. Now I’m hungry for fried chicken. At yesterday’s noon (I think), someone tweeted the concert’s setlist. One caught my attention was Kyu-line (Kyuhyun, Changmin, Suho and Minho, if you didn’t know that) will perform “Something.” I thought that they will be performing DBSK’s “Something” because it’d be interesting to see 4 men sing a song from a duo group so I was looking forward to see how they would pull it off. I did not expect anything out of the ordinary.

Then later in the evening, I checked for some updates and I saw a picture of Suho in a wig and red dress. I was so surprised and I finally realized that Kyu-line actually performed Girl’s Day “Something” instead. I seriously did not suspect anything. They had me fooled! I found Siwon and BoA’s picture update with Kyu-line.

I was very happy to see THREE of my biases cross-dressed, TOGETHER! I have seen Minho cross-dressed before. Y’all have no idea how DELIGHTED I was when I finally see Suho cross-dressed, like FINALLY! He’s so beautiful, well all of them are! Kyu-line should do this more often or maybe the entire EXO members can do so. Luhan oppa will definitely make a very pretty girl, and Xiumin oppa too. I can imagine Suho asked them, Heechul, VIXX (VIXX Girls anyone) about this. In this video, Suho was all cool walk, oh so awkward in a dress. Don’t worry bb, I can’t even behave all lady like in a dress and heels, so it’s all normal. Hmm, I wonder if they have been stalking my blog and twitter about me wanting Suho to cross-dress? LOL!

Dear Kyu-line, please do this more often. You guys totally have my vote! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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31st July 2013, 11:30PM was the night I died and reborn. Okay that sounds quite… weird, but I don’t care! That’s what I felt when EXO’s “GROWL” MV debuted. I so do not regret for staying up late just to watch the MVs.

When SM tweeted that they released the MV at 12AM KST, I couldn’t believe it. However at the same time, I was glad because that would mean that I’d be the sole user of wifi by that time. My friend and I were SUPER EXCITED about the MV. We were on WhatsApp, spazzing and died, and spazzing, and died, LOL! Just imagine how fangirls behaved when they watched their idol’s MV at almost midnight.


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