Manhwa & Manga Collection

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About a few months ago, I watched several videos on YouTube about unboxing/haul/collection of manga. So I thought, why not I share my manhwa and manga collection in this blog too! My collection is very small to be honest and I collect both in English and Malay language. Sadly, the manhwa and manga selection here are rather limited so I read some online via fan translation.

I used to collect a few Doraemon manga in Malay language but due to my carelessness, I lost them. I love Doraemon but I’m such a terrible fan for losing the manga. 😦 He means a lot to me. I initially thought that Doraemon was female because in Malay dub, he was voiced by a woman. He did not sound feminine, it was more in the middle. Funny, I always say that my favorite colour is pink but most of my favorite characters are blue; Doraemon, Stitch, Sonic…

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Manhwa – Do Not Fight

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I have no idea why I suddenly had the urge to read manga/manhwa. Maybe it’s because I miss the art. Back then, my taste in manga/manhwa is that typical high school love story. Now I’m looking for an adult setting kind of story like; secret marriage/secret relationship between co-workers or boss/staff, two people who hate each other in the beginning and then love each other deeply as the story progress, wild/tomboy girl who eventually fell in love with a flower boy and a romantic comedy storyline. Leave a comment if y’all know anymore manga/manhwa which has these concept.

Author: Yeon Young-hee
Status: Completed
“About a husband and wife who are spouses on paper only (live in the same house, but separate rooms; same company [he is the president, she is a worker], but act as strangers) falling in love with each other.” [MangaFox]

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