Celebrating Savannah’s birthday

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Savannah the zebra, is one of my favorite villagers in Animal Crossing. She moved to my AC Wild World town (played on an emu) a few years ago and I immediately love her. She’s so sweet and nice.

After I bought a physical copy of ACWW (and after a couple of resets because the bridge placement was horrible), she moved in to my ACWW town again! The bridge placement is still horrible but I take it because Savannah lives there. She was in boxes a few days ago but I told her not to move out. She did not even say anything about her move!

00Kaybee – New Leaf

53Animorya – Wild World

January 25th was her birthday and I was so excited to celebrate it with her. My plan is I want to celebrate Savannah’s birthday with Blaire (another favorite villager). I had my hopes up when Blaire was not at home. Then I call her using a megaphone just in case she was roaming around outside. She was outside… When I use my second character, she was with Savannah! When I visit Savannah again the second time as mayor, Blaire is partying with her! Unbelievable… I still love her.

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Haul – ACNL Welcome Amiibo Guide Book & Mabel Amiibo Figure

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I recently bought Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo guide book and Mable amiibo figure. I bought them on a pretty good deal but purchase them separately. Both are impulse purchases of course, and now I’m broke LOL!

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Haul – Animal Crossing Amiibo Figure Isabelle (Summer)

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Finally, after one month of waiting, Isabelle amiibo figure arrived! Funny story, the postal coupon(?) arrived before I go to work and I have no idea! My brothers did not even say anything about it, keeping it a hush-hush until I return home. I was surprised to see the small box on the table. That was the sweetest thing ever, from my brothers of all people!

I’m sorry that I did not take a proper before picture. I was so excited that I immediately and carefully rip it open.

I was browsing through Play Asia last month and I saw that Japanese Animal Crossing Isabelle Summer amiibo figure was at USD3.99 at the time and there’s no way I’m going to say “No”. After thorough calculation, I immediately bought the figure! Shipping took a while and kind of expensive. Is it just me or has the shipping cost for online shopping just skyrocketed? It took about one month for it to arrive. While waiting, I watched a bunch of Animal Crossing related unboxing videos on YouTube. Is that weird?

The figure looks so small than how I imagined it. It’s about the size of my palm. It was well-made, the paint job looks amazing and Isabelle looks absolutely cute! 😀

I immediately scanned Isabelle amiibo to the campsite. Her RV looks so cute! I really love how it looks and her items in the RV. Her motorbike looks so cute. I remember I saw a video of her using the motorbike in Mario Kart, if I’m not mistaken.




That is all from me. Do you guys collect amiibo figures from Animal Crossing or other games? Did you scan all of them in your ACNL game?

Haul – Animal Crossing Collectors Album+ Animal Crossing home console wishlist

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Wow, that’s the longest title in this blog.

My mother called on Tuesday that the postman has left a coupon(?) informing me that I need to collect my package from the post office. I knew right then and there that the Animal Crossing Amiibo Card album and Isabelle card which I bought from an Australian YouTuber has arrived. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks, 😆 I asked my brother to collect it since I’m off work after 6pm.

Meivu uploaded a post on her Instagram story that she was selling her Series 1&2 albums. I knew I had to get it! Isabelle looked so adorable on the center of the cover! I’m so thankful that she did this. It’s amazing despite the price is on the expensive side. I did not mind it much since I really wanted it and amiibo cards are sold out here (I bought the very last pack from the game store! 😯 )

Altogether, I’ve owned 8 amiibo cards. I would like to buy more cards from Meivu since she has several doubles. As much as it is fun to collect all of the cards, it’s actually too expensive so I just cut down to several cards that I really, really like. I do plan on collecting every single Isabelle cards out there (or anything of Isabelle, honestly) because she’s my ultimate bias (I’m sure she’s everyone’s ultimate bias) and all of the Sanrio x ACNL collaboration cards. Animal Crossing products sell like hotcakes everywhere!

When I have the internet broadband back up at home, I may post several pictures of Isabelle’s home which I have decorated for her in ACHHD, on here and on tumblr. It’s not that impressive but my idea is not original at all. I give Isabelle as house near the beach because she deserves a break from work. Maybe I’ll change the location later 😆

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