Movie – Wonder Woman (2017)

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The day is here, Wonder Woman movie finally released worldwide! Every fans out there are excited for the movie. Can you all believe that it’s been 10 months (more or less) since we last seen a DCEU movie in the cinema? We waited so long for another DCEU movie, but it’s worth it. Then later in November, Justice League movie will come out!

Thank you Warner Bros. Thank you Patty Jenkins. Thank you Gal Gadot. Thank you to all of the cast and crew. After watching the movie, I feel a whole new confidence in me.

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Trailer – Wonder Woman (2017) movie

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Last week, it was announced that Wonder Woman third trailer will be released during Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards 2017. Teasers were everywhere but I only saw a couple of screencaps of it on Facebook.

On Sunday morning at work, I logged in to Twitter checking whether Wonder Woman or Wonder Woman Trailer was trending. KCA2017 did trend, that’s great. Then I saw Mike Kalinowski’s (one of the hosts from PopcornTalk DC Movie News) tweet about the trailer. I immediately opened another tab to Warner Bros. Picture YouTube account. I kept refreshing the page. After Wonder Woman Film official twitter account tweeted the video about 5/10 minutes later, I refreshed YouTube again and I was so happy!

Credit: Warner Bros. Picture YouTube

I’m absolutely amazed by this trailer. They showed a lot of new footage but at the same time, save the main course and the dessert. I’m so excited for it! I’m pretty sure I’m going to watch all three Wonder Woman movie trailers to get up. Yes, it’s just about two months plus to go but the hype for this movie just keeps growing. Normally I am okay with spoilers because I have a memory of a goldfish, but when it comes to DCEU, I’ll try to avoid them as much as I can. Recently there was an article on Wonder Woman movie set visits. I did browse through it and that’s it. I won’t be reading any articles that can contain spoiler. Maybe I’ll check out some behind the scenes pictures, and that’s it! No more!

Of course, DCEU is never at peace. People on social media started comparing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman trailers about spoilers. Sigh, will they ever stop? I really hate the negative energy that people keep giving to the DCEU.

I am happy that the Wonder Woman movie will be released during the fasting month of Ramadan. This means that (at least in our case here), if the people ever consider on seeing the movie at day time, they can concentrate on the story, no nitpicking (hopefully), and will enjoy and appreciate the movie for what it is. Okay, I’m sure they have better things to do than watching movies but IF they ever consider, then yeah.

That is all from me for now. Have you seen the new Wonder Woman trailer? What do you think of it? Will you be getting a Wonder Woman t-shirt to celebrate the release of the movie this June?


Haul – Funko Pop Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice 2 Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive)

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About 20 years ago, I had a Batman and Superman plastic dolls. I don’t remember how I got it exactly; either it was a buy-one-free-one promotion going on or I just can’t decide that my parents had to pay for both dolls. Then I played with them when dad had to send our old car to the workshop. I think I made Batman fly :lol:.

I asked my parents when we will have a little vacation (like 8-10 hours out of country vacation, just across the border by car) because I want to buy a Batman v Superman funko pop. I always wanted one since last year and I saw that it was on sale in January at Toys R Us. They managed to get one for me last week. That’s probably the only thing I’m going to ask from them this year 😆 My birthday came early this year :lol:.

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The DCEU is coming

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It’s now less than two months until “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and the beginning of DCEU. I’m very excited that DC movies finally has a large universe, like the MCU. I’ve been counting down to DCEU on Facebook but not in the typical, “50 days left,” “49 days left,” I post quotes from the movies (Man of Steel)/trailers (BvS and Suicide Squad). My friends are probably annoyed (I hope not though) to see daily DCEU movies’ quotes but hey, I like doing it. Maybe I should do it on my Twitter too. I may probably do the same thing as I’m counting down to “Captain America: Civil War.”

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