Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

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If I have to summarize the year 2017, I would have to say it was bittersweet. I am going to mention the highlights of the year. Most of them are fandom related because I have no life.

At the moment I am trying my best to grow my Animal Crossing collection. It’s no secret that I am trying my best in collecting the amiibo cards. I guess I will be collecting the ones that I really like because I only have one album. I still have a long way to go. I have to say I am about 40% completed my collection.

The latest amiibo figure that I got was Kicks. I haven’t got the chance to use his amiibo yet. I also managed to get Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo bundle. I was glad that it was on sale. I got two figures; Isabelle (winter) and Digby, and three special amiibo cards; Rosie, Goldie and Stitches! I’ve scanned in Stitches in my brother’s ACNL town.

I got the chance to adopt Savannah from another player! I was so happy to see her roaming around in my town. Savannah resides in my Wild World town (it’s been months since I last visit the game!) and I came to love her. After that, I’ve scanned in Blaire (used to live in my Wild World town). My favorite girls!


Back in November, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was released! I was upset that it does not support iPhone5 so I just watch some gameplay videos on YouTube. Then earlier this month, I’ve upgraded to an iPhone8 Plus! I can finally play the game! It’s addictive!


I was given a chance to take a one month break from work because of renovation. It was great. I never thought that I would need it. Speaking of breaks, I am planning on my trip to Kuala Lumpur if “EXO Planet #4 The ElyXiOn” concert will take place there, or NCT127’s fanmeeting or VIXX’s concert, whatever as long as it’s K-pop related. I have my EXO lightstick version 2 ready!


I managed to get all of NCT127’s mini-albums. Hooray! It’s funny that I bought the albums backwards; Cherry Bomb -> Limitless -> Firetruck. I got Taeyong’s photocard, Taeyong postcard(?) and Haechan’s photocard. It would be really funny if I got all Taeyong though. I wanted Jaehyun because he’s my bias but I generally love all of the members (cliche answer). I am excited for NCT127 to release their first full-length album one day. Maybe after their first album, they can finally have their own concert. I would love to attend their concert one day. I wonder what their lightstick will look like.


The biggest tragedy I ever experience in my years of being a K-pop and SM Entertainment’s fan is the lost of one of my idols. It’s the worst feeling than experiencing members leaving the group. It was a hot topic in the past days about SHINee Jonghyun’s tragedy. I was numb when I got the news. I was in denial and did not sleep well. I feel like I took him and SHINee for granted. I failed him. I cried for days, stopped updating my SNS other than liking the posts about him or SHINee. I wanted to talk with the closest people I know, but I was speechless and I believe they too were grieving on their own. So, I was on my own. It may take awhile for me to fully recover from this tragedy. I’ve been listening to SHINee’s songs especially their first album, “The SHINee World” is one of my favorite albums. Thank you for everything 김종현. I love you. I miss you.

That is all I can summarize my 2017. I pray for everyone to be happy and healthy in 2018. How was 2017 for you and what are your hopes in 2018?

Happy New Year Everyone!


Birthday Weekend

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My birthday passed weeks ago but here are some pictures! Thank you to family and friends for the greetings. It was also my brother’s, Baekhyun’s and Naomi Scott’s (Power Rangers 2017’s Kimberly Hart) birthday too!

 My brother decided to treat me to see Guardians Of The Galaxy. All I can say is that, I love the songs and the third act of the movie. It was bittersweet but I love it. I guess that’s probably the first time I ever cried during an MCU movie.

 In-game me also celebrated her birthday. My favorite girls came to the party. How sweet of them. Becky was suppose to move at the end of the month, but she decides to stick around on her own. I wanted her to move because her house is at the wrong place. Maybe next time. I like Becky! It’s just that her house placement rubs me the wrong way.

 My friends kept wanted me to join them for dinner after I said that I’m off work by 10pm. We went to a new cafe (closes in one hour when we arrived LOL) and ordered sloppy joe beef wedges, I guess that’s what it’s called. It was so good! If I get the chance to go there again, I’ll probably order this one.

 Then we went to another restaurant which has an extending closing hour, and there were still a lot of people there at the time. I decided to order macaroni chicken salad.

The owl bag and pink watch were gifts from my parents. I have no idea who told them that I love owls (I love bears too) but hey, I’m not complaining. I love this bag. A little small though, the straps are short but I love it!

 The Captain America building blocks was a gift from my boss. He actually had no idea that he gave it to me on my birthday LOL! The finish product looks so cute! I misplaced a few parts at first. Finally, a Wonder Woman mopeez was a gift to myself. There were a few mopeez dolls available; Superman, Aquaman and Supergirl. I decided to get Wonder Woman because her move comes out later this week! Yay!!

Speaking of Wonder Woman, I’m so excited for the movie! I can’t believe the day is approaching close! I did not watch anymore trailers or TV spots after the release of Origin Trailer.  I will bring my Wonder Woman doll with me when I see the movie. I did that when I went to see Captain America Civil War last year and Funko Pop Batfleck for The Lego Batman movie. It’s Ramadan now. I will probably see Wonder Woman probably at 8pm or 9pm. Here’s hoping for the Wonder Woman popcorn and drink combo!

That’s all from me for now. Are you excited for Wonder Woman? Will you see it on the opening night?

Korean Festival 2016

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I attended Korean Festival on Oct 21st 2016. It was a three days event and I was glad that Friday was my day-off.

The highlight of the event was K-Tigers’ performances. I wanted to watch them in the first place and my budget was tight so I did not spend much. I think I only bought a Bungeo ppang (fish-shaped bread) that day…and a drink because I was so thirsty after screaming like a loony when K-Tigers performed my favorite songs.

The bungeo ppang was great. I really loved the ice-cream! It was soft and the toppings I had were crushed peanuts and sprinkles and they also added marshmallow. The marshmallow were a little hard though. I thought they were super soft. I requested the big size bungeo ppang so that I can share with my brothers. Initially, I wanted the nutella filling but it was sold out so my brother wanted the red bean filling instead. I chose vanilla flavored ice-cream. I would like to try another again but this time maybe I will opt for a small size. The small size has no filling, just the bread and ice-cream.

There were mini Korean film festival (or showings), food booth, electronics booth, photo booth and art booth (those are what I can recall). No, I did not take any pictures of myself at the festival because I don’t like doing it. I guess that habit cause an irritation towards my friends (or everyone else) who are the selfie freaks.

K-Tigers performed at 8 o’clock (if I’m not mistaken). People already went nuts when they arrived on stage…or peeking at the them from backstage. I recorded the video until my storage was full. Yea, that was not a good sign and I missed their BTS’ “Boys In Luv” performance (I watched it bunch of times on YouTube though). I literally screamed when they performed EXO’s “Overdose” and “Growl.” I did not expect that at all, I mean I did expect them to perform maybe at least one dance number. Can you imagine how I would behave if my favorite idols performed live on stage? I’d probably faint but I hope I won’t, or else I would miss the whole experience. I’ve posted a few K-Tigers’ videos on my Instagram. Now I understand the hardship the fansite admins out there had to face when they want to take good pictures/videos of the idols. They have mad skills, and better gadgets of course. My 16GB iPhone 5 just doesn’t cut it, haha!

It was a great experience for me. I would love to attend this event again next year, maybe I’ll have enough money to spend just at the festival. Maybe K-Tigers can perform again next year…or maybe…they can invite K-Pop idols as well. I suggest VIXX! (That’s quite a big wish)

Have any of you ever attend Korean festival (or any cultural festival)? How was your experience ? How big or small the event was?

*As of 26/10/2016, one member from K-Tigers liked my video on IG! Probably because he was at the center, haha!*

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

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2015 has been great, there were ups and downs. Working life is good too. I miss having to lazing around at home 24/7 but hey, when you have a job and get paid at the end of the month, it’s not so bad.

I’ve started watching CBS Supergirl and CW The Flash. I love both shows! I haven’t watch Supergirl EP6-EP9 (I think…), will get back to it soon-ish. The show always mention about Clark Kent and I find that cute. There was one scene where Kara and Clark were chatting on social media. Clark was like ” 🙂 ” How adorable is that! Also it’s nice to see a familiar face taking the role Supergirl. I loved Melissa Benoist since Glee.

Grant Gustin who was also on Glee played as the Flash. He was so evil as Sebastian but I loved him as Barry. Basically I love all the cast. I never thought I would get caught up with The Flash. Jay Garrick is a cutie! His appearance reminds me of Steve Rogers. Sigh… ❤

I’m so excited for 2016 because of “Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice” and “Captain America Civil War” (will be released on my birthday, yay!) movie. Both trailers were awesome! It’s good to see Bucky again. A few months ago I had a dream that I joined Steve Rogers to search for Bucky. I’ve been waiting for a part two of that dream. I was blown away when Wonder Woman appeared in BvS trailer and also that trinity shot… OMG, the best shot EVER! It’s like a dream come true. I always wanted to see live-action Superman and Batman but when they add Wonder Woman, AMAZING! A bonus! I feel bad for my wallet now.

Here’s hoping for 2016 to be just as great! 😀

Eid Mubarak 2015

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Happy Eid Mubarak! My Eid break is short but that’s cool because I get to celebrate it at my workplace. Celebrating in a way I play Eid songs hahaha!

I’ve bought shawls, instant shawls to be exact. I never wore shawls before, the complicated twist the fabric shawl. It was too complicated for me. Then I watched this one show during Ramadan called “Cik Bunga Encik Sombong” on Astro Maya HD, the actress wore an instant shawl! When the credits was rolling, I saw that Naelofar Hijab was the sponsor. So on the final week of Ramadan, a bazaar was held (I think the bazaar was around for the entire Ramadan) and thankfully they sell Naelofar Hijab. I’ve bought 2! I was so in love with it that I bought another one the next day, so altogether I have 3. Hahaha!

How was your weekend?

Give it a chance

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I’ve been MIA for too long because I got a job, yay! 😀 I started in March.

People can easily say how the dislike one thing (or a lot of things). That’s because they never give it the chance.

20140104-211534.jpg                    20140104-211728.jpg

For example this guy here (LOL!). He said that “Chicken is not his style” then minutes later, he ate them! Okay so maybe I should not believe 100% because it could be edited, it could be that Kris actually likes fried chickens all along. We never know.

Here’s another example; I never actually watched Marvel movies. I did but I never concentrate on the storyline, like the X-Men movies. Then I gave Marvel movie a chance by watching “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” I only tagged along because I promised my brothers that I would treat them. Basically I did not expect anything. Then, well the rest is history. I was never the same after.

All I could talk about was Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Captain America and of course, Chris Evans LOL! ❤ Basically I started watching “The Avengers,” “Captain America: The First Avenger,” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Oh yea, I also watched “Thor: The Dark World” because Chris Evans made a cameo there hehe! 😀 I was so excited when I found out that “Captain America: Civil War” will be released on 6th May 2016, on my birthday! I know where I’ll be after I finish my work hahaha!

So what is this post all about? Well, just give things a chance. Maybe you’ll end up liking the things that you dislike before.

What’s in my bag? 2014

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I read some blogs and I’ve seen they make a “What’s in my bag?” post and so I thought, why not I make one as well? Just to share with other people. No harm can come to that.

Most of the times I carry 2 bags (a cross bag and small backpack) when I’m going out of town. That’s because when there’s wifi around or when I listen to musics or watch videos, I carry my iPad2 which would mean I need a backpack. However a few marts do not allow shoppers to carry backpack (boo~ I understand their concerns but no one would even attempt to steal because CCTVs are around) so that’s when I switched to my handbag. So for this post, I’ll only show you what’s in my (cross) bag.

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